Dream Island

Part 1. Main Info

Our main goal is to create a stable, interesting, nostalgic and positive servers for our players.
Therefore, we offer you the following concept:

  • Server time: GMT + 00:00
  • Server locations: Worldwide, Europe, North America, Brazil, Asia
  • Server language::English
  • Server Type: Medium
  • Concept: Easy PK


  • Maximum level: 75
    Soft cap level: 70 (EXP cutting x3 after level 70)
  • Max Pet Lv: 50
  • Solo-exp: 5x
  • Party-exp: 8x
  • Drop-rate: 2x
  • Fairy-growth: 5x
  • Ship exp: 10x
  • Resources drop: 3x

Part 2. Gems



1. Forgeable corals with normal gems
2. BD gem drop gradation (lower drop rate than others BD gems for 
n1285.png (32×32)Soul of Black Dragon and n1184.png (32×32)Heart of Black Dragon)
3. Removed the ability to forge 
n1285.png (32×32) Soul of Black Dragon in w0077.png (32×32) shields

4. New forge and combine chance:

    Without fruit:     With fruits: n1385.png (32×32)n1386.png (32×32)
       Lv1 - 100%         Lv1 - 100%
       Lv2 - 100%         Lv2 - 100% 
       Lv3 - 80%           Lv3 - 90%
       Lv4 - 70%           Lv4 - 80%
       Lv5 - 60%           Lv5 - 70%
       Lv6 - 50%           Lv6 - 60% 
       Lv7 - 40%           Lv7 - 50%
       Lv8 - 30%           Lv8 - 40%
       Lv9 - 20%           Lv9 - 30%


Part 3. Dungeons



There are no "mini-dungeons" on the server
In order not to divide the community, all locations are available to all players

Guild activities:

1) Forsaken City , Dark Swamp , Demonic World - high lvl dungeons for all players, portal open in Shaitan Fountain 875, 3580
These dungeons open in turn, every 3 hours, and not all together as it was before!

2) Chaos Argent (Once a day)

3) Snow War (Once a day)

4) World Boss

Solo player activities:

1) Capture the flag (CTF) (Balanced PK between teams)

2) Tribulation of Faith (Solo farm and bossing)

3) Dark Forest (Party bossing dangeon)

4) Orange Isle (PVE scoring)

More than 10 new PK, farming or leveling dungeons in future updates!


Part 4. Equipment


Now there are no seal items in the game. Obtaining the next level of the unseal occurs by upgrading with a special item image.pngUnseal Upgrade Stone

You need to increase the level of your equipment to become stronger and get additional stats.
All levels of upgrades are available from start
Key items like Chaos Equipment and BD Equipment are available to all players, not just the guild that controls the dungeons.

All your gems transfer to the next level, without losing the level and refs! Your item loses only effectiveness in %

Item Level Upgrades will be crafted using different items from PvE and PK dungeons

Item Level Upgrades will be available to all players, regardless of the style of play

Equipment changes:

  • Reworked all unseal equipment for all classes
  • New 45, 55, 65 unseal boots and gloves
  • New Improved Chaos Equipment (Lv 70), old CA set not available anymore.
  • Now there are no inca, eva and enigma chests in the game 😓


Part 5. Fairy

n1664.png (32×32) Max fairy level - 50

Up to level 41, your fairy is raised with n1346.png+1 Fruit and n1484.png+2 Fruit

Lvl 41-50 available only with n0153.png (32×32)+1 Improved Fruit

         Fairy leveling has a chance of success
         Lv 1-20 - 100%
         Lv 21-30 - 90%
         Lv 31-40 - 80%
         Lv 41-50 - 50%

  • n1472.png Mordo in  n1216.png Fairy Box
  • n1346.png+1 Fruit -  For sale from Fairy NPC Nadia (Argent City)
  • n1484.png+2 Fruit -  Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin from Fairy NPC Langa (Shaitan City) or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • n0153.png (32×32)+1 Improved Fruit -  Dungeons, Quests or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • x0020.png (32×32) Fairy Marriage Fruits -  Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin from Fairy NPC Langa (Shaitan City) or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • n1483.pngFruit of Growth - Gift Giver or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • book.pngFairy Skill Books - Novice, Standard and Expert
  • n1351.png Fairy Ration - Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin or buy in Fairy NPC (price - 20k)
  • n1723.png Auto Ration in Item Mall
  • n1921.png (32×32) Unique Pet Apparels in Item Mall


Part 6. NPC



Part 7. How to farm gold?


  • Price of analyze items changed from 500k to 200k
  • Changed 200k gold after level 41 from mentoring system to 100k gold
  • Reworked Jackpot Machine


Part 8. Quests and Game Systems

Daily and weekly quests and Gifts


Bounty Hunter Association

Take the path of the boss killer and get prizes!


Kraken Quest Scroll

System of random quests and cool prizes!


Part 9. Game changes affecting gameplay:

  • Balanced immune to physical damage Voyager and Champion, additional PR was removed and replaced with a Def and other bonuses
  • Changed Physical Resist for Voyager Armor Dragon Lord Costume and Tidal Robe values from +32-37 to +25-28
    Poseidon Framestone from 24 to 27
  • Changed Physical Resist for PR necklaces Light of Terra from +5 to +3, Force of Four Seasons from +4 to +2, Red Nit Gem from +3 to +1,
    Hero Necklace from  +2 to +1
  • New Champion Skill: Dual Sword Rage (Ability to use 2 swords without debuff)
  • Will of Steel now does not give the Champion 10 PR in CA and SW
  • Damage balance in Snow War same as in Chaos Argent
  • Rebirth Bonuses for Magic - 5.5% damage bonuses for skills: Spiritual Bolt, Conch Ray and Lightining Bolt.
  • Changed n1535.png King of the Ring Emblem to n0322.png Kraken Coin x10 and n1534.png Saint of the Ring Emblem to z9999.png Kraken Coin in CA and SW

  • Guild System :
    - removed 
    Black Dragon Carsise in guild quests :classic_biggrin:
    - changed the number of DW bosses from 1-5 to 1-2 in guild quests

  • Black Jewel spawn time - 5 hours

  • New Fishing Spots for fish from FC/DS near the port of Icicle


Part 10. Game Possibilities: 

Dungeon Timers


Extended bank, guild bank and inventory capacity


Daily reward and premium system


New crystal and reputation shop


Monster Info with possibility to hide loot


New effects panel


Dungeon ranking system with possibility to check Dungeon Arhcive


Day and Night System + City Lightning system



Project Features:

  • Stable server and account protection (3+ years stable work)
  • The best servers concept for enjoying the game, positive emotions and memories
  • Fresh launcher with tweaks and new game client with many functions!
  • Active user support and Game Volunteers 
  • Weekly and Holiday events (Quizzes, Competitions, Contests)
  • PK Tournaments
  • Adaptation system and gifts for new players
  • DirectX 9 
  • New game UI
  • MacOS client
  • New laucher with many features and tweaks