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Captain Barbarossa

Bounty Hunter

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Bounty Hunter System


        - Quest registration for becoming Bounty Hunter, Bounty Helper - Delilah in Outskirt of Argent City (2160,2773)


        - Bounty Hunter - Sniper in Abandon Mine Haven (1910,2811), gives quest to kill boss and earn Bounty Points


        - Quests are given random to player when he click on option, he has 2 attempts by default to pick a quest or must wait 12 hours
        - Points can be used to redeem Items in the Bounty Shop



Bounty Hunter Association

  1. Player must finish a quest in order to join that association.
  2. After becoming a Bounty Hunter member, they can pick Bounty Hunter Quests.
  3. Players can pick 1 from 10 Quest which will be random generated by npc every X hours.
  4. i.e: if players don't like a quest, just click again on NPC to refresh and get different one until reach quest attempts.
  5. Bounty Hunte Quest rewards will be bounty hunter points, which can be used on bounty hunt shop
  6. Bounty Hunt Quest objectives is: to kill monsters


Quest in order to join in Bounty Hunter Association

1. Come to Bounty Walkthrough: NPC - Delilah, Argent City (2159,2772)



2. Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)



3. Bounty Registration Task 1 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 2048, 2515 Ascaron


4. Bounty Registration Task 2 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 1793, 2507 Ascaron


5. Bounty Registration Task 3 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 1059, 3045 Ascaron


6. Bounty Registration Task 4 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 1179, 3012 Shaitan


7. Bounty Registration Task 5 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 1497, 3433 Shaitan


8. Bounty Registration Task 6 - Come to Sniper, Abandoned Mine Haven (1910,2810)


Coordinate boss and monsters 882, 900 Icicle


9. Come to Bounty Walkthrough: NPC - Delilah, Argent City (2159,2772)



Bounty Mission



- Players can pick 1 from 10 Quest which will be random generated by npc every 12 hours.

- Players has 2 attempts by default to pick a quest or must wait 12 hours in a row to try their luck (there can be 2 identical quests in a row)

- Each boss gives a different amount of points, the player must choose to kill an easy boss and get few points or kill a difficult boss and get more points


Bosses and points :

Deer of the Apocalypse - 1
Doomsday Chicken - 3
Black Dragon - 3
Fox Sage - 1
Caracas Blood Serpent - 1
Barborosa - 1
Deathsoul Commander - 2
Wang Xiao Hu - 1
Black Jewel - 3
Gemini Guardian - 1



Bounty Ranking

Kraken Online 2022-04-03 16.57.39.pngKraken Online 2022-04-03 16.59.52.png

- Only players that has done Bounty Registration Quest can view has access

- Bounty points is also used to rank player in this ranking, that's mean if your bounty points increases your bounty ranking also

- The ranking will show TOP 20 players with highest bounty points

- TOP 5 players can claim Bounty Ranking rewards every week (7 days) on NPC (cannot pick reward more than a time)


- Players can view overall bounty ranking or his personal ranking


Prizes for top 5 players:

  1. n0177.png VIP Status - 7 Day(s) and n1257.png Lv5 Refining Gem Box and 50m gold
  2. n0177.png VIP Status - 3 Day(s) and n1257.png Lv4 Refining Gem Box and 40m gold
  3. n0177.png VIP Status - 1 Day(s) and n1257.png Lv3 Refining Gem Box and 30m gold
  4. n2124.png Untwinned Key and n2132.png Untwinned Treasure Chest and 20m gold
  5. x15 n0322.png Random Key Chest and n0322.png Refining Gem Deity Chest and 10m gold



Bounty Shop

Kraken Online 2022-04-03 17.47.52.png

- The player can exchange their Bounty Points for items

- Items in the shop will be replenished

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