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Captain Barbarossa

Capture the Flag

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Kraken Online 2022-09-04 17.35.20.png

- Players can register thought to a NPC and are teleported to waiting room until the map is ready to start.
- When the battle start, you will spawn in 1 corner of map, according to your team color: green or red.
- Each base has a NPC where you can heal and see battle info, such as score from your team.
- The objective of map is capture the flag at middle of map and carry it to enemy base in order to gain points for your team.
- Succesfully carying the flag to enemy base your team will gain 15 points.
- Killing players from enemy team you has 25% chance to gain 1 points also.
- The team that reaches 50 points first will win the battle, loser team also has consolation reward.
- If you kill a player that is carrying the flag you will receive the flag.
- Once the flag is carried to enemy base it will spawn again at middle of map.
- Alts are not allowed to enter the Dungeon
- System announce time left to registration and where to join.


Kraken Online 2022-09-04 17.41.09.png

- Balanced PK Map, doesn't matter equipment or gem.
- Just players Lv45+ and that has done 2nd class advancement may register for battle.
- The battle will last for 20 minute(s).
- The team that get 115 points first wins!
- Kill team enemy has 25% chance to grant for your team +1 point(s).
- After disconnect in battle, you will return to last spawn point and have 2 minute(s) to return thought NPC, otherwise never more.
- After being defeated by team enemy you will return to your base.
- System will announce in map both team score every 3 minute(s).


Open in 05:00 and 17:00 server time (Dungeon Room)

Kraken Online 2023-03-03 14.11.44.png

Reward from team that is winner golden.png CTF Winner Chest
x5 Kraken Coin
x2 Hi-Amplifier of Luck
500k Dollar Note
x2 10k Reputation Scroll
x10 Flash Bomb Lv2
x5 Flash Bomb Lv3
x20 Great Fairy Ration
x5 Auto Fruit of Growth
500 Fairy Growth Liquid
x20 Acceleration Potion
Expert Skill Box
x5 Random Unique Gem Particle
Advanced Gem Chest
Yellow Jade
Part of The Universe Purse
Improved Fruit Voucher
x2 Million Dollar Note
Looter Pet Mooncake
Red Jade
Chiatan's Aura
x10 Looter Pet Snack


Reward from team that is not winner silver.pngCTF Loser Chest

Million Dollar Note
x3 Kraken Coin
Hi-Amplifier of Luck
10k Reputation Scroll
x5 Flash Bomb Lv2
x20 Fairy Ration
x3 Auto Fruit of Growth
250 Fairy Growth Liquid
x10 Acceleration Potion
250k Dollar Note
x3 Flash Bomb Lv3
x3 Random Unique Gem Particle
Advanced Gem Chest
Part of The Universe Purse
x5 Looter Pet Snack
Yellow Jade

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