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Captain Barbarossa

Garbage Burner

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Garbage Burner (Spring Town 3252, 2492)

Kraken Online 2022-05-24 14.04.32.png


How it works:

1. You can burn unnecessary items if u dont want to sell them and it takes slots in bank
2. You can exchange 
 uniqcha.pngPiece of Garbage to cook and pots

What do u need to burn item:
n1449.png Magic Dust - can be exchanged for reputation shop

What u can get:

x1 uniqcha.pngPiece of Garbage
- 55 Unseal
- Broken , Cracked gems
- Refining gem

x2 uniqcha.pngPiece of Garbage

Boss Stone
- 65 Unseal

x3 uniqcha.pngPiece of Garbage

Unique Gems
- CA Set
- Kal Runestone
- Morph Runestone

x5 uniqcha.pngPiece of Garbage

- BD gems
- BD set


How it works?



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