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Captain Barbarossa

Kraken Quest Scroll

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x0013.png Kraken Quest Scroll


1. What it is?

An item that gives a random quest, after completing the quest you will receive one of these rewards :

  • Goddess's Favor
  • Kal Runestone
  • Morph Runestone
  • 500 Fairy Growth Liquid
  • Million Dollar Note x3
  • Blessed Potion x5
  • Refining Gem Voucher
  • Improved Fruit Voucher


2. Where can I get this item?

Drop from bosses DW, FC, DS - chance 0,25%

Barborosa, Deathsoul Commander - chance 1%


3. How it works?

- When you click on an item, the quest is added to you automatically



- When you complete the quest conditions, you need to give the quest Event NPC - Pappa (Argent City 2221, 2767)
Kraken Online 2022-05-02 14.54.10.png


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