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    Thanksgiving Day Location

    Thanksgiving Day Location Red - Spawn Points Black - Boss Spawn History: According to the legend of Thanksgiving, the settlers who arrived on the new continent were unable to survive the harsh winter and died from cold, hunger and disease. The survivors founded a colony and in the spring, with the help of local Indians, they began cultivating the land and hunting. This helped them survive and in honor of this they celebrated this holiday for the first time together with the Indians who helped them. This meal, shared with the Indians, became the first Thanksgiving celebration! Opening schedule: 03:00 Server Time 19:00 Server Time Portal will open in the dungeon room (coordinates 75, 103) Information: • Balanced PVE map (each class has its own balance and stats) • Players need to kill 2000 mobs - Thanksgivings Chicken which will result in the appearance of the boss - Evil Thanksgivings Chicken, players have only 5 minutes to kill the boss together. After the time has expired, the map will be closed • If players were able to kill the boss all players on map will receive a special reward Thanksgivings Day Chest Requirements:• Level above 50• Second class promotion Mobs: Thanksgivings Chicken drop: Roasted Suckling Pig - 50% Thanksgivings Day Card - 10% Looter's Pet Chest - 0,01% Boss - Evil Thanksgivings Chicken Thanksgivings Day Chest drop: Hi-Amplifier of Luck x10 Auto Ration Refining Gem Voucher Kraken Coin 10k Reputation Scroll Blessed Potion Weightless Potion 250k Dollar Note 65 Unseal Catalyst x20 Flash Bomb Lv1 x3 Flash Bomb Lv2 x5 Acceleration Potion Thanksgivings Day Card - Exchange it at Event NPC - Jarvis Dungeon Room 78,108! Can be exchanged for various visual upgrades such as wings, auras, etc.
  2. Captain Barbarossa

    Gold Island

    Gold Island Scary tail: A long time ago, the Golden Island was inhabited by natives and lived there without knowing any troubles. The island had an abundance of fish, ore, trees and beautiful scenery. But one day a large pirate ship crashed near this island and pirates appeared on Golden Island The head of the island, the Tribal Leader, allowed the pirates to use the resources of the island, but on the condition that they would not take more than 300 units of fish, timber or ore at a time. The greedy pirates did not listen to the leader, for which they were cursed and paid with their lives by killing each other or being killed by tribal warriors... 👺 Huh! Scary tale! So how does this dungeon work? Information: • Mixed PK map The first few minutes are a PVE dungeon, which allows you to farm resources. After reaching the limit of 300 resources, the map type changes to PK • Balanced PK map (each class has its own balance and stats) • Portal will open in the dungeon room (coordinates 120, 103) • Players do not see other players' nicknames, weapons, glow, fairy • Players can enter the map with only one character • Various spawn points on the map • The map works for 30 minutes Requirements: • Level above 50 • Second class promotion • Have Wooden Fishing Rod, Pickaxe and Axe (golden axe and pickaxe do not affect the drop) Game Mechanics: Players appear at random spawn points (these points are mainly in the corners of the map). At this moment we have a PVE map where players can get resources After reaching the limit of 300 resources, the map type changes to PK and the system will write a message - "You have violated the agreement and my defenders will drive you away!" After this the map type changes to PK After this, 3 waves of Evil Tribal Warrior appear every 5 minutes from which you can get valuable drops At the 25th minute there will be a boss Evil Tribal Chieftian in the center of the map Possible Drop: Resources are divided into 3 categories according to rarity: Iron Tree - drop Iron Wood (price 10000g) Pine Tree - drop Pine Wood (price 15000g) Fortune Tree - drop Legendary Wood (price 25000g) Pink Mine - drop Pink Ore (price 10000g) Purple Mine - drop Purple Ore (price 15000g) Sky Mine - drop Sky Ore (price 25000g) Hake Shoal - drop Hake (price 10000g) Mackerel Shoal - drop Mackerel (price 15000g) Flounder Shoal - drop Flounder (price 25000g) Monster Evil Tribal Warrior - drop 50k Dollar Note Boss Evil Tribal Chieftian - drop Million Dollar Note
  3. Captain Barbarossa

    Looter Pet

    Looter Pet Information: - Looter pet is able to pick up items directly into the inventory - You can disable item pick up in mob info - If a player drops items out of his inventory, his looter pet will not pick up these items - In PK map looter pet is not visually visible - You can get a looter pet from mini-bosses FC, DS with a 0.25% chance or buy it in the item mall Leveling - Now we have Looter Pet Growth (working principle like a fairy pet) - Looter pet has 40 levels. You can increase your level looter pet using an item Looter Pet Mooncake (Double click to Level Up Looter Pet) Players can get it in Weekly prize , buy in Item Mall, or CTF - There will also be additional Looter Pet Snack (drop in the chests FC, DS, DW - 5% and CTF) that will give 10 exp to looter pets Exp Gradation - Every minute system give you looter pet 1 growth - 240 exp multiplied by pet level + 1 Additional bonuses Looter pet drop rate bonuses per level: +1% Looter pet Maximum Hp Bonus per level: +10 This is what it looks like in the game Additional Skill: Looter Pet's Blessing - Adds buffs 10lv Spirutal Fire - 5 min duration, 10lv Tempest Boost - 5 min duration, 10lv Harden - 5 min duration (only works if the pet is equipped) - No works in CA and SW map
  4. Captain Barbarossa

    Naval Base

    How to get here? Buy Pass to Naval Base from NPC (2214, 2813) You no longer need passwords and souls to use NPCs on this map Deathsoul Commander (3h respawn): Kraken Coin Chest 10% Potion Chest 10% 5K Ship EXP Bottle 10% 10k Reputation Scroll 7% Refining Gem Voucher 5% Magic Explosion Gem Voucher 5% Kraken Quest Scroll 3% Black Jewel (5h respawn): Magic Explosion Gem Voucher 25% Kraken Coin x10 20% 10k Reputation Scroll 15% Potion Chest 15% Kraken Quest Scroll 5%
  5. Captain Barbarossa

    Gear Score

    Gear Score A special system with which you can compare the level of forge and equipment of your character with other players. You can get points for gems, equipment and its effectiveness You can see your Gear Score in the "Character" section by pressing "Alt+A" in game Special Gear Score Rating among characters added to the General Ranking section You can push on the special "`" tilda button to open it or just click on General Ranking button to check it How does it count? 1. Eqiuipment Item level = number of points (example - each item 65lvl will give 65 points) Gloves, Boots, Torso, Rings, Necklace, Hat and Weapons (only one sword for crusader and champion gives points) Cloak - each level gives 5 points Mount - each level gives 10 points Fairy - each level gives 1 point 2. Gems Normal gems - 1 point Broken Gems - 2 points Cracked gems - 3 points Chipped Gem - 4 points Unique Gems - 5 points Great Gems - 6 points Azrael Gems - 8 points Jade Gems - 3 points Chiatans Aura - 5 points Advanced Gems - 3 points Rock Gems - 2 points Black Dragon Gems - 7 points Magic Explosion Gems - 5 points 3. Effectiveness (works for each item) 1% = 1 point
  6. Captain Barbarossa


    Auction [Introduction]: - To open an auction you need to click on the Item Mall button below the minimap and select the auction tab - Currencies that participate in the auction: Gold, Crystals - Each lot will have its own current bet, redeem price and step - You can choose to participate in the auction or buy the lot immediately - After the time expires, lot becomes unavailable - After you have placed a bet and the currency will be deducted from your account, if another player outbid your bet, then your currency will be returned to you - After the time of the lot has expired, the player who made the last bid receives the lot [Rules]: - If the player has approved the bet, then the bet cannot be canceled - Administration does not return the bid if you made a bid and changed your mind to participate in the auction - Administration is not responsible if another player made bets on your account [Buttons]: - Make Bet : here you can see the current bet and make new bet - Redeem: allows you to buy a lot at a redeem price without participating in the auction Button "Make Bet"
  7. Captain Barbarossa

    Life Skills

    Life Skills General Information: - when creating a character, you have access to all lifeskills - you no longer need lifeskill points - max lv skills 8 (analyze 7) - no matter what the level of the blueprint - you can manu, cook, analyze - if your skill level does not match the level of fish, wood, ore - you can't chope, mine, fishing it - each skill level increases the chance of success by 5% - production of materials occurs instantly - analyze, each skill level = number of items given out (if the skill level is 5, then the system will give you 5 items, if 7 then 7) Lv up woodcutting, mining, fishing, salvage, land fishing carried out through the extraction of resources Lv up crafting, cooking, production, analysis through the use of blueprints
  8. Captain Barbarossa

    Effectiveness System

    Effectiveness System Let's divide the upgrade system into 2 parts 1. The first part will consist of a regular system upgrade:Lv1 1% effectiveness (100% success) - 20k goldLv2 2% effectiveness (80% success) - 80k gold Lv3 3% effectiveness (70% success) - 180k gold Lv4 4% effectiveness (60% success) - 320k goldLv5 5% effectiveness (50% success) - 500k goldLv6 6% effectiveness (40% success) - 720k goldLv7 7% effectiveness (40% success) - 900k goldLv8 8% effectiveness (40% success) - 1,28m goldLv9 9% effectiveness (40% success) - 1,62m gold Lv10 10% effectiveness (40% success) - 2m gold 2. The second part will work differently: - 15% effectiveness - max - effectiveness does not decrease below 10% - if player have torso, gloves, shoes with 15% effectiveness it gives bonus +5 to all stats (str, agi, acc, con, spr)! - after an successful attempt, the player increases one level of effectiveness - after an unsuccessful attempt, the player loses one level of effectiveness For Example: • Player has 11% of effectiveness and he is trying to do it on 12%, but unfortunately the attempt is unsuccessful. After an unsuccessful attempt, his effectiveness drops 1% and becomes 10% • Player has 12% of effectiveness and he is trying to do it on 13%, but unfortunately the attempt is unsuccessful. After an unsuccessful attempt, his effectiveness drops 1% and becomes 11% and so on. Lv11 11% effectiveness (40% success) - 2,42m gold Lv12 12% effectiveness (40% success) - 2,88m gold Lv13 13% effectiveness (40% success) - 3,38m gold Lv14 14% effectiveness (40% success) - 3,92m gold Lv15 15% effectiveness (40% success) - 4,5m gold
  9. Captain Barbarossa

    Premium System

    Premium System General Information: - Players who buy crystals will receive additional bonuses (below is a description of the bonuses and the required number of crystals) - List of bonuses and rewards will be updated regularly - Amount of premium exp is equal to the purchased crystals, there are no other ways to get exp - In the premium shop, players can complete quests and receive premium coins that can be exchanged for unique mounts, wings, looter pets, apps ect. Level I information (2000 crystals) Vip Status Life Perks I (Exp +10%, drop-rate +2%) Remote Bank Level II information (5000 crystals) Vip Status Life Perks II (Exp +15%, drop-rate +3%) Premium Daily Rewards Remote Bank Level III information (10000 crystals) Vip Status Life Perks III (Exp +20%, drop-rate +4%) Premium Daily Rewards Remote Bank Portable Teleporter Nurse Buffing Level IV information (20000 crystals) Vip Status Life Perks IV (Exp +25%, drop-rate +5%) Remote Bank Premium Daily Rewards Premium Shop Portable Teleporter Nurse Buffing Level V information (30000 crystals) Vip Status Life Perks V (Exp +30%, drop-rate +6%) Remote Bank Premium Daily Rewards Premium Shop Portable Teleporter Nurse Buffing Available to all Nursу NPCs: 10lv Spirutal Fire - 5 min duration 10lv Tempest Boost - 5 min duration 10lv Harden - 5 min duration 10lv Tornado Swirl - 3 min duration 10lv Angelic Shield - 3 min duration Remote Bank To open a bank, use the command from the local chat /bank Portable Teleporter To open a free teleports, use the command from the local chat /tele or Premium Shop (2186, 2802 Argent City) Players will have access to premium quests for which they will receive premium coins Players will be able to exchange premium coins for unique rewards - mounts, wings, pet apps, apps ect 2023-10-23 19-42-33.mp4
  10. Captain Barbarossa

    Unseal Upgrade Tree

    Crusader Swords Shoes Gloves Armors Champion Swords Shoes Gloves Armor SharpShooter Gun Bow Shoes Gloves Armor Cleric Staff Shoes Gloves Armor Seal Master Staff Shoes Gloves Armor Voyager Dagger Gloves Shoes Armor Chaos Set
  11. Captain Barbarossa

    Daily Rewards

    Our team has developed a system of daily rewards for players below are illustrative pictures, these are not real rewards that will be in the game General Information: - player can clime the reward once every 24 hours - after the player has clime the reward, he will see a system message as well as a checkmark on the reward taken - if the player wants to clime the reward again, the system will write to him how much time is left Important information: - if the player does not clime the reward within 24 hours, the reward line will be updated - after the player has climed all 7 rewards, the reward line will be updated
  12. Captain Barbarossa


    Equipment General Information: - After obtaining the second job and opening the newbie chest player will receive 45 unseal (weapons, torso, gloves, shoe) - If the player has deleted his items, then player can buy from the NPC Equipment - Julia - You can upgrade your Unseal with NPC Furnace of Immortality at Spring Town (3258, 2500) - Forge in equipment does not disappear - Effectiveness will disappear 45 Unseal Available for all players from Newbie Chest 55 Unseal The player will need to upgrade from 45 to 55. To do this, you will need a 55 Unseal Catalyst You can go to FC, DS, DW dungeons and kill the chests and try your luck to get 55 Unseal Catalyst or try your luck at World Bosses 65 Unseal The player will need to upgrade from 55 to 65. To do this, you will need a 65 Unseal Catalyst You can go to FC, DS, DW dungeons and kill mini-bosses and try your luck to get 65 Upgrade Catalyst Boss Stone The player will need to upgrade from 65 to Boss Stone items. To do this, you will need a Boss Stone Catalyst Boss Stone Particle drops from Bosses Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Demonic World, Snow War, Chaos Argent The player needs x5 Boss Stone Particle to get a Boss Stone Catalyst (Unseal Catalyst Exchanger - Argent City 2207, 2801) Chaos Items The player will need to upgrade from 65 to Chaos items. To do this, you will need a Chaos Particle Chaos Particle drops from chests and last survivor of Chaos Argent and Snow War The player needs x5 Chaos Particle to get a Chaos Catalyst (Unseal Catalyst Exchanger - Argent City 2207, 2801)
  13. Captain Barbarossa

    Day and Night Invasion

    Day and Night Invasion 2 times a day, one in the daytime, the second at night 13:00 and 22:00 General Information: - At certain days of the week and hours the invasion will be announced in system. - A GM Notice will be sent informing where the Totem for invasion will be spawned. - Day and Night invasion, each of them spawn different monsters and boss. - After 1 minute a large horde of monsters will be spawned, they drop "Invasion Sigil" 5% drop-rate. - The monsters will last for 3 minutes after spawned. - There's a total of 5 horde of monsters which where they spawn every 3 minutes. - The last horde of monster (5) it's supposed to be a BOSS. - The BOSS will last for 5 minutes after spawned. - The event will end 18 minutes after started. - Monsters are spawned in area, like a square nearby the totem. - BOSS is spawned in area, like a square nearby the totem. - Invasion Sigil can be exchanged in Argent City at (2210,2844) for some new cooking. Offensive Tomato - Consume it to increase your Max Attack by 3% for 1 minute. Magical Tomato - Consume it to increase your Magical Damage by 3% for 1 minute. Defensive Tomato - Consume it to increase your Defence by 1% for 1 minute. Hit-rate Tomato - Consume it to increase your Hit rate by 3% for 1 minute. Blinding Tomato - Consume it to increase your Dodge by 3% for 1 minute. Recovery Onion - Double click to Heal 500 HP instantly.
  14. Captain Barbarossa

    Orange Isle

    [Orange Isle PvE Scoring] Is a dungeon where main goal is to players kill monsters and get points after that to be part of TOP 5 ranking. - Dungeon lasts for 10 minutes when opened: portal and map duration; - After player enter dungeon a window will popup showing the guide for dungeon; - Main goal is kill monsters to gain points and be part of TOP 5 ranking; - Every monster killed grants 1 point to player; - Monster spawns every 10 seconds on dungeon by radius (from Lowest X,Y coordinates to highest X,Y coordinates) to them not spawn in same coordinates always; - There's a NPC at middle of dungeon which players can view TOP 5 players ranking; - System announces in Notice the TOP 5 ranking every 1 minute; - Rewards are given to TOP 5 players with most points at end of dungeon, after it closes and all players kicked; Portal open in Icicle City 1292, 481 11, 23 server time Rewards for TOP 1 Ranking Kraken Coin x10 Green Dragon Key Rewards for TOP 2 Ranking Kraken Coin Chest Green Dragon Key Rewards for TOP 3 Ranking Kraken Coin Chest The Universe Purse Rewards for TOP 4 Ranking Kraken Coin Chest Key Purple Crystal Rewards for TOP 5 Ranking Kraken Coin Chest Key Purple Crystal
  15. Captain Barbarossa

    Capture the Flag

    [Introduction]: - Players can register thought to a NPC and are teleported to waiting room until the map is ready to start. - When the battle start, you will spawn in 1 corner of map, according to your team color: green or red. - Each base has a NPC where you can heal and see battle info, such as score from your team. - The objective of map is capture the flag at middle of map and carry it to enemy base in order to gain points for your team. - Succesfully carying the flag to enemy base your team will gain 15 points. - Killing players from enemy team you has 25% chance to gain 1 points also. - The team that reaches 115 points first will win the battle, loser team also has consolation reward. - If you kill a player that is carrying the flag you will receive the flag. - Once the flag is carried to enemy base it will spawn again at middle of map. - Alts are not allowed to enter the Dungeon - System announce time left to registration and where to join. [Features]: - Balanced PK Map, doesn't matter equipment or gem. - Just players Lv45+ and that has done 2nd class advancement may register for battle. - The battle will last for 20 minute(s). - The team that get 115 points first wins! - Kill team enemy has 25% chance to grant for your team +1 point(s). - After disconnect in battle, you will return to last spawn point and have 2 minute(s) to return thought NPC, otherwise never more. - After being defeated by team enemy you will return to your base. - System will announce in map both team score every 3 minute(s). Open in 16:00 server time (Argent City 2210, 2881) Reward from team that is winner CTF Winner Chest x20 Great Fairy Ration Refining Gem Deity Chest Lvl Up Scroll 3.5x Amplifier of Luck x3 Hi-Amplifier of Luck Improved Strength Fruit Improved Agility Fruit Improved Accuracy Fruit Improved Constitution Fruit The Universe Purse x3 Angelic Dice Azrael Random Chest x20 Rear Fairy Ration Reward from team that is not winner CTF Loser Chest x20 Fairy Ration Lv2 Refining Gem Box The Universe Purse Angelic Dice x2 Amplifier of Luck Happy Holiday Magazine Great Snow Dragon Fruit Great Icespire Plum Great Zephyr Fish Floss Great Argent Mango Great Shaitan Biscuit Great Gem Chest x10 Rear Fairy Ration