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Captain Barbarossa

[DS] Dark Swamp

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DS.png ‎- Фотографии 2023-11-02 20.01.20.png

Opening times:
A portal opens in the center of Shaitan City 875, 3583
It opens in 06:00, 21:00
The portal stays open for 1 hour, while the map stays open for a total of 2 hours. Meaning that there's a one hour interval between the map closure and new portal opening.


1 - Mini bosses  Master Swamp Treant

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-01 14.40.52.png

2 - Dark Swamp Chest
Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-01 14.44.58.png

3 - Main Boss Huge Mud Monster

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-12-01 14.46.19.png

4 - Spawn Point and Save Zone


Resource Coordinates (respawn 60 sec and only DS1) :

Metal Norite - 115, 453   /   41, 781
Rue - 498, 551    /    501, 884
Gold Ore - 207, 913    /   499, 765

Dungeon mechanics:
- Only 2 floors
- The portal to the 2nd floor 289, 606 (near the main boss) is sealed and will be unsealed after killing the main boss
- The 2nd floor has not been redesigned (formerly the 3rd floor) and is just an additional farming zone, 3 chests will be available

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