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What is Kraken Online?

Try one of the best Free2Play MMORPG Kraken Online.

Explore this huge Tales of Pirates world with your friends, fight on land and sea with other players, explore new islands and dungeons! Create and develop your own character, make him truly unique. Our friendly community is always happy to help new players and is ready to provide the best service. Join us!

Unique Dungeons

and Maps

Experience a truly interesting adventure! Conquer all dungeons together with your friends, fight against the most powerful bosses in the world of Tales of Pirates!



Fight on land and sea against other players and teams from all over the world! Join guilds to become stronger pirate and gain strong allies!



Bonuses and gifts for each unique player every month. Follow the news and our social networks, participate in events and giveways to get bonuses.

New In-game


On our server, you can have a wedding, ride a mount, wear over 1000 unique apparels, auras and wings. Create your own unique character!

Choose between 6 different character classes

The Crusader is good at wielding two single-handed swords simultaneously. Although his striking power is slightly weaker than that of the Champion, his agility and speed makes up for it.

Crusaders are able to attack faster and they fare better than their strong counterpart at fending off attacks.


Sharpshooters have mastered the art of archery and can shoot over a longer distance with improved accuracy.

They can choose to use fireguns instead, which is more powerful but with limited range.


They have been made famous by traveling across vast oceans and through uncharted waters where even brave explorers will not venture.

Their passion for exploration will not be deterred by any danger that lies before them.


In order to pursue greater strength, Champions have given up the use of a shield so they are able to wield two-handed weapons of great power.

This greatly increases their offensive striking power.


Clerics are herbalists who concentrate solely on their healing skills.

They excel greatly in medical skills and support spells and will play a vital role in any party.

Seal Master

Seal Master is a unique class.

They are able to curse and weaken the enemy with their spells and are very important in a party.