New Update

Dear players! New update!

Technical work will begin at 18:00 22/01/2022 and last 30-45 min! 🛠️

1️⃣ New dungeon - Tribulation of Faith ⚔️

Guide ➡️

2️⃣ Special Lvl Up location for new players - Newbie's Paradise 💪

Now any beginner can easy level up without party.

4️⃣ New equipment - Admiral Cloak :pepeOK:

Guide ➡️

3️⃣ Jade Gems 🔹

Jade Gem Chest can be obtainable from all monsters in Lone Tower with 0,1 % drop rate

4️⃣ Rings and Necks💍

Added Unique ring and neck exchanger NPC (Argent City 2191, 2760) which will help beginners get unique rings and necks lv 40, 50, 60 in game.

5️⃣ Game changes and fixes: 🛠️

• Flash Bombs now work like before :blobhero:

• Improved the animation smoothness in the client 👍

• Newbie Chest for new players until lvl 70 with new items 💥

• Reworked Kraken Coin Exchanger New items and reduced price for many items: Analyze Catalysts, Fairy Ration, Hi-Amps, Slot Inventory.


Best wishes, Kraken Online Team ❤️