Free Fun

Free Fun on Kraken Online!

Hey! Our team has prepared something interesting for you.

This is a special project where you can absolutely free and quickly get a high level and good equipment and visit a lot of dungeons! All the necessary things that were in the Item Mall are now free!

Join to Treasure Island! 

• Solo EXP x20

• Party EXP x25

• Drop Rates x10

• Fairy EXP Rates x100

• Ship EXP and Resource Drop x10

• All necessary items and equipment are now free, u can buy it near Argent Fountain 

• Lot of EXP from all Newbies Paradise monsters, easy lvlup for new players • 10k dollar note from all Newbies Paradise monsters

 • U can get new class promotion by talking with NPC - Job Advancer - Jenna

 • Farm zones and new dungeons

 • A lot of game features