Winter Holidays

Dear players! New update "Winter Holidays"

Scheduled technical work will begin at 19:20 04/01/2021 and last 30-45 min!

1) Maximum level - 75

New challenge! Are you ready?

Lvl Up Marathon


• First of all for your class get lv 75 and send proof in 📷screenshots

• Only 6 prizes and winners

• Prize: Any apparel to choose from Item Mall (set or weapon)

2) Increased Drop Rates

• Broken Gems in FC from 0.1% to 0.2%

• Cracked Gems in DS from 0.1% to 0.3%

• Unique Gems in CA from 1% to 1.5%

• Kraken Coin Chest in FC/DS from 10% to 15%

• Kraken Coin Chest in DW bosses from 10% to 20%

• Red Dragon now drops Lv 75 Rare Set Chest and Lv 75 Rare Weapon Chest

3) Mounts

Small chance of getting mounts from bosses FC, DS, DW 

FC - Death Horse

DS Boss - Mud Monster

DW Bosses - Wandering Soul and Yeti

4) Game changes


• Increased number of Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain from Item Mall to x10 pcs

• Increased chance to get Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain from Gift Giver, Fortune Tree, Jackpot Machine NPC

• Reduced price Pass to Abaddon 4 from Item Mall 100 to 50 imps


• Reduced cost of Heaven's Berry, Charmed Berry to 800 rep

• Reduced cost of Party EXP Fruit to 1000 rep


• Decreased Conch Ray and Lightning Bolt in CA by 10%

• Decreased Conch Ray in CA stun from 2s to 1s

• We previously increased Spiritual Bolt by 50% in Chaos Argent. The battles in CA showed that this was too much and we left the increase only by 15%

5) Christmas Village extended until January 9

6) New items in Item Mall  

• 1/5/10 Life Skill Points Scroll

• Unique Apparel Voucher

• Unique Fairy App Voucher

• Unique Mount Voucher

7)Special promo - Christmas Boxes in Item Mall

Available quantity - 100 pcs Info

Best wishes, Kraken Online Team