Fortune Island

Dear friends, I am glad to inform you that our team is ready to launch a new server based on the concept of Easy PK Server 

What does it mean?

We completely revised the concept of our project and took as a basis the wishes of the players and our experience over 3 years of server development. We have made character development in the game as easy as possible and created the conditions for an interesting and competitive battles. In addition, absolutely all items, except for visual improvements and effects, are available in game.

We are waiting for you and your friends on our new island!

At the moment we are actively preparing for the launch and increasing our advertising company!

New Island description available


Official opening date: 06.05.2022

Account registration opening date: 05.05.2022

Server start time: 19:00 GMT+00

Giveaway for both servers in our discord
We will be grateful if you invite your friends or your guild to our server :pepeOK:

If you are the Guild Leader, PM me @Kraken in discortd and we can create a local chat to discuss important points and decisions

Best wishes, Kraken Online Team!