Fortune Island

Part 1. Basic things

  • Fortune Island will be a classic server designed for long and stable operation until the last active player. This server will not be seasonal, i.e. this isn't Season 2 or anything like that.

   As an example, we will build on our old servers Fortune Island and Adventure Island, which everyone liked 👍

  • New updates will be introduced depending on the wishes of the players with the gradual addition of content.
Small updates will be made periodically, for example for events, introducing new features and fixing bugs.
  • Classic big guilds. The maximum number of players in a guild is 100, there are no more restrictions.

  • The balance of classes and their skills will be discussed in advance, before the start of the server, and will not change subsequently

  • Our team has used the experience of previous servers and is ready to provide the following benefits:
        Easy leveling
        Easy gold farming
        Easy fairy growth
        Obtaining unseal equipment through alternative routes (quests and exchange)
        Locations with the possibility of safe PVE farming
        High-quality support and best service
        Server for a long time, with gradual introduction of major updates


Fortune Island Approximate Roadmap



Main Information

  • Server time: GMT + 00:00
  • Server location: Worldwide
  • Server language::English
  • Server Type: Medium
  • Concept: Easy PK

Server Rates: 

  • Maximum level: 65
  • Max Pet Lv: 30
  • Solo-exp: 3x
  • Party-exp: 5x
  • Drop-rate: 2x
  • Fairy-growth: 5x
  • Ship exp: 10x
  • Resources drop: 3x



The main idea of the gameplay on the new server is that you enjoy the game and can participate in PK with other players without spending a lot of time.
Therefore, we "accelerated" character development and added all the necessary improvements to the game with a good drop rate

We make it easy to obtain equipment and gems to quickly integrate a new player into battles and enjoy the game


 Part 2. Gems



  • New gem type - Sharded Gem (+1 Stat). This gem can be obtained by killing monsters in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Demonic World. 

    To get +2, +3 or +4 stat gems, you will need to exchange your +1 gems for a special gem voucher

     5 Sharded gems = 1 Broken gem
     10 Sharded gems = 1 Cracked gem
     20 Sharded gems = 1 Chipped gem

  •  BD gem drop gradation (lower drop rate than others BD gems for n1285.png (32×32)Soul of Black Dragon and n1184.png (32×32)Heart of Black Dragon)
  • Removed the ability to forge 
n1285.png (32×32) Soul of Black Dragon in w0077.png (32×32) shields

  • Forge and combine chance:

    Without fruit:     With fruits: n1385.png (32×32)n1386.png (32×32)
       Lv1 - 100%         Lv1 - 100%
       Lv2 - 100%         Lv2 - 100% 
       Lv3 - 80%           Lv3 - 90%
       Lv4 - 70%           Lv4 - 80%
       Lv5 - 60%           Lv5 - 70%
       Lv6 - 50%           Lv6 - 60% 
       Lv7 - 40%           Lv7 - 50%
       Lv8 - 30%           Lv8 - 40%
       Lv9 - 20%           Lv9 - 30%

• 100% combine and 100% forge fruit available from Item Mall or NPC (10m)

Part 3. Dungeons




 Approximate Dungeon Schedule


  • Now dungeons will open in a convenient time zone for most players from all over the world. Сoncept provides equally convenient times for players from North and South America, Europe, Asia and other continents

Guild activities:

1) Forsaken City , Dark Swamp , Demonic World - high lvl dungeons for all players, portal open in Shaitan Fountain 875, 3580
These dungeons open in turn, every 3 hours, and not all together as it was before!

The 2nd floor of each of these dungeons becomes PVE after killing the main bosses, in order to give players the opportunity to farm and strengthen their character.
We made changes and made these dungeons equal in difficulty, the strength of bosses and monsters, and also balanced them in terms of loot dropped
Thus, dungeons now differ only in map!

2) Chaos Argent (2 times a day on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

3) Snow War (2 times a day on Saturday and Sunday instead of Chaos Argent)

4) World Boss

Solo player activities:

1) Capture the flag (CTF) (Balanced PK between teams for rare items)

2) Gold dungeon (New dungeon allowing you to fight and farm gold at the same time)

2) Orange Isle (PVE scoring)

More than 10 new PK, farming or leveling dungeons in future updates!


Part 4. Equipment


Now there are no seal items in the game. Obtaining the next level of the unseal occurs by upgrading with a special item Unseal Upgrade Stone

You need to increase the level of your equipment to become stronger and get additional stats.
All levels of upgrades are available from start
Key items like Chaos Equipment and BD Equipment are available to all players, not just the guild that controls the dungeons.

All your gems transfer to the next level, without losing the level and refs! Your item loses only effectiveness in %

Item Level Upgrades will be crafted using different items from PvE and PK dungeons

Item Level Upgrades will be available to all players, regardless of the style of play

Rare Equipment 60, 70, 75, 80, 90 Level possible to get using Crafting

Equipment changes:

  • Reworked all unseal equipment for all classes
  • New Improved Chaos Equipment (Lv 70)
  • Now there are no inca, eva and enigma chests in the game (as an alternative, rare equipment is available)



Part 5. Guild System

  • Each guild will receive special points for each boss kill and victory in dungeons and compete for a place in the TOP-1 among other guilds
  • Comeback system for guild experience
  • Available benefits from the guild: Guild Bank, Guild Logs, Guild Color, Guild Stats, Guild House




Part 6. Classes and Races Features




  • You can play as any race and any class and change it during the game with the help of special items!

  • Each class has been balanced for the current stage of the game and for future ones, including equipment and skills!


Part 7. Fairy

n1664.png (32×32) Max fairy level - 30

Up to level 41, your fairy is raised with n1346.png+1 Fruit and n1484.png+2 Fruit

Lvl 41-50 available only with n0153.png (32×32)+1 Improved Fruit

         Fairy leveling has a chance of success
         Lv 1-20 - 100%
         Lv 21-30 - 90%
         Lv 31-40 - 80%
         Lv 41-50 - 50%

  • n1472.png Mordo in  n1216.png Fairy Box
  • n1346.png+1 Fruit -  For sale from Fairy NPC Nadia (Argent City)
  • n1484.png+2 Fruit -  Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin from Fairy NPC Langa (Shaitan City) or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • n0153.png (32×32)+1 Improved Fruit -  Dungeons, Quests or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • x0020.png (32×32) Fairy Marriage Fruits -  Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin from Fairy NPC Langa (Shaitan City) or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • n1483.pngFruit of Growth - Gift Giver or buy for Crystals in Item Mall
  • book.pngFairy Skill Books - Novice, Standard and Expert
  • n1351.png Fairy Ration - Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin or buy in Fairy NPC (price - 20k)
  • n1723.png Auto Ration in Item Mall
  • n1921.png (32×32) Unique Pet Apparels in Item Mall


Part 8. NPC

  • Job Advancer - Augur (Argent City 2216, 2792)
  • n1171.pngn1172.png Necessary items are available for gold from NPC Grocery - Charlie (Argent City 2230, 2793)
  • In-game system to obtain the necessary things z9999.png (32×32) (Kraken Coin)
  • n0307.png All tickets from NPC Tickets - Mina (Argent City 2233, 2791)
  • Garbage Burner NPC
  • Exchanger NPC Rings and Necklace



Part 9. How to farm gold?



We decided to revise the classic gold farming system in the game.
Over the past 15 years it has looked like a very boring monotonous activity (like the mentor and disciple system) and looked terrible.
What changes will you see?

  • We have completely removed gold from the mentor and disciple system, now you get everything you need from the Newbie chest.
For each disciple you still receive reputation.

  • We have removed Mystic Chest and Magic Chest from the game.

  • We have removed various abusive locations and monsters that allow you to get a lot of gold OUTSIDE dungeons

  • We have significantly increased the chances of getting gold in dungeons such as Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World.

  • We've made a special Gold Dungeon where you can farm gold. 

  • Reworked Jackpot Machine

Thus, the system is configured to visit dungeons to obtain gold. Fight, earn and develop your character.



Part 10. Quests and Game Systems

Daily and weekly quests and Gifts


Bounty Hunter Association

Take the path of the boss killer and get prizes!

Kraken Quest Scroll

System of random quests and cool prizes!



Part 11. Game Possibilities: 


Project Features:

  • Stable server and account protection (4+ years stable work)
  • The best servers concept for enjoying the game, positive emotions and memories
  • Fresh launcher with tweaks and new game client with many functions!
  • Active user support and Game Volunteers 
  • Weekly and Holiday events (Quizzes, Competitions, Contests)
  • PK Tournaments
  • Adaptation system and gifts for new players
  • DirectX 9 
  • New game UI
  • MacOS client
  • New laucher with many features and tweaks