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[FC] Forsaken City

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General Information:
Forsaken City, colloquially known as "FC", is the most barren maze in Kraken Online. It contains three floors, which are packed with undead monsters, treasure chests, mini bosses, as well as a unique boss on the last floor.
The maze has a level requirement of Lv30-45, but it is highly recommended to only enter the maze at Lv45, to be able to reap the most out of the available equipment and prevent level difference.
Note: You do not need to enter the FC  q0013.pngAncient Generator
Opening times:
The portal to Forsaken City is located east of Shaitan dock, fairly close to Canary Isle, at Magical Ocean (1508,3665). It is located at sea, meaning that players have to sail in order to get to the portal.
It opens every 3 hours, greenwich mean time. 

The portal stays open for 1 hour, while the map stays open for a total of 2 hours. Meaning that there's a one hour interval between the map closure and new portal opening.

Forsaken City 1:
Forsaken City 1, or FC 1, is the first floor of the maze. The monsters in here are by far the weakest, and it is the only floor which contains mini bosses.

  • Map

FC 1 has a sea surrounding it, meaning that sailing to the dock (which is on the opposite side of the spawn point) will not be an easy task, since sea battles are quite common in this maze.
Additionally, FC 1 monsters have a very peculiar respawn time of 60 minutes. This means that, if people farm fast enough, four whole "rounds" of monsters can be done throughout one Maze.


-The absolutely weakest monster in the maze, melee with all stats at a very low level.
Sorrow Archer


-A ranged monster with low hit rate and attack speed.
Wailing Warrior


-The slightly stronger melee monster, a stronger version of Sorrow Warrior.
Wailing Archer


-Similar to the Warriors, this is a stronger version of Sorrow Archer, ranged as well.

  • Chests:

Abandoned Chest 1


-Their drops are 1 Kraken Coin

  • Mini Bosses:

This is the only floor which contains mini bosses, but the catch is, it contains four of them. Each of them mimics one of the four above-mentioned monsters, with boosted stats. It is worth mentioning that the mini bosses also respawn after 60 minutes, same as the monsters.
They are located in the orange area marked on the map as "Boss Room", which is what it is colloquially known as among players.
Sorrow Captain


-Similar to Sorrow Warrior, it is the weakest mini boss, melee as well. It is, however, much faster than Sorrow Warriors.

Sorrow Archer Captain


-Similar to Sorrow Archers, it has a fairly low attack speed, but its hit rate is superb.

Wailing Captain


-Similar to Wailing Warriors, this is a fairly strong melee mini boss, with all of its stats on a high level.

Wailing Archer Captain


-Similar to Wailing Archers, probably the strongest mini boss, due to its range, dodge, speed and the monsters surrounding it.

The portal to the next floor is located at (80,243), as seen on the map picture above.
Forsaken City 2:
The next floor, Forsaken City 2, or FC 2, is not of much interest. It is more of a transition maze from FC 1 to FC 3.

  • Map:

What makes FC 2 peculiar is its random spawns. As the map image suggests, there are four different corners which represent four possible spawn points.
Getting to the middle may not always be an easy task, since the the whole map is a labyrinth with various crossroads and monsters accompanying players the whole way.

  • Monsters:

FC 2 has three new monsters, but only one is strictly different from what has already been seen in FC 1.

Elite Wailing Warrior


-Not much different than the Sorrow Warrior from FC 1, this monster is melee and fairly weak in terms of stats.

Wailing Marksman


-Very similar to Wailing Archer from the previous floor, although its stats are slightly higher.

Cursed Mummy


-A completely new monster here, it is fairly strong. However, there's very few of them throughout the whole FC 2, mainly located in the middle area, around chests and on certain crossroads.

  • Chests:

Abandoned Chest 2


-The chests in here are not incredibly interesting, they do, however, drop Skeletar Chests and Kraken Coin

The portal to the next floor is located at (235,223), in the middle, as can be seen on the map picture.

Forsaken City 3:
The last floor of this maze is Forsaken City 3, or FC 3. It is home to the main boss of this maze, the dreaded Death Knight.

  • Map:

Notice how its structure is almost entirely the same as the previous floor's. Except for the spawn, chests and boss location, which have all been inverted.

  • Monsters:

The monsters in here are very similar to the ones in FC 2, with the removal of Elite Wailing Warrior, and addition of...

Crazy Mummy


-Yet another mummy. This one, however, has absurdly high HP and stats in general. There's plenty of them throughout the whole floor, so getting around the maze might not be an easy task.

  • Chests:

Abandoned Chest 3


-Probably the only chest in FC with very good drops, Incantation Chests and Kraken Coin. They are surrounded by a large number of strong monsters, so beware!

  • Boss:

Death Knight

Drop: 5 Kraken Coin and n0322.pngChest of Dark Swamp

The main boss in FC is the source of all evil in this maze, Death Knight
A boss which is very cool both visually and in terms of skills; it has two unique ones, a debuff and a DoT (Damage over Time) skill, as well as strong basic attacks.
Whoever wishes to fight the very heart of Forsaken City is in for a real treat, as the boss, same as all maze bosses.

Next to the boss, at (24,22), is a portal which leads back to Shaitan dock. It can be used as a way to triumphantly return back to town after a successful boss run... or walk the walk of shame after the boss humiliated whoever wished to challenge him.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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