ID Item name Description
61 Plaster Gloves Cheap plaster gloves that are good for amateur sailors
62 Brawler Gloves Fighter gloves
63 Master Gloves Fighter gloves for the professionals
64 Jagged Blade A trademark weapon for high-level sailors
65 Cosmo Blade Sailors blade that is able to cut everything
66 Tiger Gloves No description
67 Hands of Death People who had seen this evil weapon no longer lives on this Earth
68 Darwin's Bow This bow was stolen from a Darwin lab.
69 Goddess Bow The bow was taken from a burning hell
70 Meteor of Extinction No description
71 Mystic Bow No description
72 Catch-up Elixir This elixir allow you to reach level 90 immediatly after use! Conditions: Level 60 and second class promotion
73 Dagger Short dagger for self defense
74 Kris Dagger that all famous sailors have used before
75 Trident Legend says that even water can be split apart when weapon is wielded fast enough
76 Moon Kris No description
77 Hyena Dagger No description
78 Dagger of Hydra Dagger of the Hydra King. A symbol of blessing from the Gods
79 Trident of Poseidon No description
80 Sharp Dagger No description

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