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Captain Barbarossa

Naval Base

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Kraken Online 2023-07-07 01.04.40.png

How to get here?
Buy n1357.png Pass to Naval Base from NPC (2214, 2813)

Kraken Online 2022-06-15 22.28.02.png

You no longer need passwords and souls to use NPCs on this map


Deathsoul SoldierDeathsoul GuardDeathsoul Officer
n0322.png Chipped Gem Chest - 0,02%


Deathsoul Commander (3h respawn):
Chipped Gem Chest  -  10%
Kraken Coin Chest  -  10%
Potion Chest  -  10%
5K Ship EXP Bottle  -  10%
10k Reputation Scroll  -  7%
Refining Gem Voucher  -  5%
Magic Explosion Gem Voucher  -  2%
Kraken Quest Scroll  -  1%
Chiatan's Aura  -  2%


Black Jewel (5h respawn):

Chipped Gem Chest  -  20%
Magic Explosion Gem Voucher  -  25%
Kraken Coin x10  -  20%
10k Reputation Scroll  -  15%
Potion Chest  -  15%
Chiatan's Aura  -  2%

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