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What is it?
This is a special event to simplify and improve gameplay. The event is available on an ongoing basis.

What for?

  1. - new map Church
  2. - new NPC
  3. - new skill 
    book.png Love Line

Wedding registration

  1. Come to nps Argent city 2187, 2786
    Kraken Online 2022-04-25 19.11.54.png
  2. You can find out the wedding requirements here.
    Kraken Online 2022-04-25 19.20.56.png
  3. What are the requirements?
    - you must be in a party with your soulmate (only Lance/Carsise - Ami/Phyllis, gay marriage is prohibited)
    - both should have 10 million
    - you must have n2119.png Valentine's Day Ring
    - you should wear wedding dresses
    - you must click on the line at npc - "I want to register a wedding" (it must be done by both members of the party)
  4.  You'll get n1786.png Marriage Certificate

After that, your wedding is registered

Wedding Ceremony

  1. You must click on the line at npc "Buy" and buy a ticket to the church
  2. Come to nps High Priest 468, 44
    Kraken Online 2022-04-25 19.24.27.png
  3. What are the requirements?
    - you must be in a party with your soulmate
    - you should wear wedding dresses
    - you need have a n1785.pngMarriage Certificate
  4. You must click on the line at npc "Start the ceremony"
  5. All the wedding is over and you get skill "Love Line" and "Lover Finger Ring"(it should always be worn in your inventory)

Wedding dresses and n2119.png Valentine's Day Ring

For a wedding ceremony, you need :

  1. Wedding dresses you can get them from item mall.
    Lance Dark Royal Apparel

    Carsise Ebony Apparel
    Phyllis Wedding Apparel
    Ami Wedding Apparel
  2. Valentine's Day Ring 

Where can I get this ring?n2119.pngValentine's Day Ring

1. FC, DS, DW, CA and SW bosses
2. Item Mall 

zlove.png Wedding Chest - if u open chest u can get

x2  n2119.png Valentine's Day Ring

x2 a7369.png Aura of Love

x2 n1257.png Wedding Apparel Chest

x2 n1828.png Ticket to Church

x5 n1236.png Rose
x10 n1395.png Honey Chocolate
n1839.png Chrysanthemum-shaped Fireworks


Kraken Online 2022-04-25 19.23.01.png
Love Line skill

With this skill, you can teleport to your soulmate. What are the requirements?

  1. You must be in a party with your soulmate
  2. You must be in the same location. (map Magic Sea, map Ascaron, map Dark Blue)
    VERY IMPORTANT -  you can teleport inside the map Snow War, FC, DS, DW, Arena of Death, Argent (the whole world and also its islands), Shaitan (the whole world and also its islands), Icicle (the whole world and also its islands).
    But you can not teleport - from shaitan to the Snow War, from DS to the FC, from FC to the DS from shaitan to the DS/FC, from icicle to the Arena of Death.

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