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Captain Barbarossa

[Event] Easter Adventures

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[Event] Easter Adventures!

From April 21 to April 29  you can get:


 If you kill any monsters in the game above level 35+, there will be a small chance to get the image.png Easter Egg directly in inventory.


If you eat this egg, you can get:

n1480.png (32×32)Million Dollar Note
image.png 10 Crystals
n1695.png (32×32)x5 Flash Bomb Lv1
n0305.png (32×32)x10 Magical Potion
n1387.pngx3 Constitution Recovery Flask
n1388.pngx5 SP Holy Water
q0027.png (32×32)x5 Consitution Recovery Vial
n1176.png (32×32)Refining Gem Voucher
n0322.png (32×32)Normal Gem Chest
n1483.png (32×32)Fruit of Growth
z9999.pngKraken Coin
n2120.pngKey Purple Crystal
n1480.png (32×32)100k Dollar Note
n0322.png (32×32)Broken Gem Chest
n0322.png (32×32)Cracked Gem Chest
n2125.pngThe Universe Purse
n1670.pngx5 Sturgeon Fish with Bamboo
n1672.pngx3 Sturgeon Soup
n1677.pngx1 Fried Oyster Soup
n1235.pngx1 Gyoza
n1678.pngx5 Biscuit
n1679.pngx3 Fried Dough
n1683.pngx1 Spring Roll
n1390.pngSkating Potion
n0163.pngKal Runestone


You can collect x99 image.png Easter Eggs and exchange them for for image.png Big Easter Egg with the NPC Jarvis at Argent City (2192, 2787)


Also u have 10% chance to get  image.png Big Easter Egg from main bosses in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Wang, Caracas Blood Serpent, Snow War, Barbarossa and Deathsoul Commander, Ancient Shark!


If you eat this egg, you can get:

n0195.pngChiatan's Aura
z9999.pngKraken Coin x10
cryst100.png100 Crystals
n1983.pngCloak Upgrade Device
n2119.pngValentine's Day Ring
n1480.pngx10 Million Dollar Note
n1404.pngx3 Angelic Dice
n0347.pngLv 75 Ring Ticket
n0347.pngLv 65 Ring Ticket
n2166.pngArthurs Faith
n0322.pngNew Gem Chest
n1257.pngGrand Prize
n1825.png1 Bounty Point
n0347.pngAncient Necklace Voucher
n0322.pngRandom Key Chest
n2080.pngx3 3.5x Amplifier of Luck
n2082.pngx3 4x Amplifier of Luck
n1257.pngLv5 Refining Gem Box
n0177.pngVIP Status - 1 Day
n2117.pngTribulation Special Pass
n1210.pngRear Fairy Box
n1410.pngKut's Magazine
n1755.pngSuper Potion Chest

Pulsar.pngPulsar Aura
a7347.pngDivine aura
a7441.pngBall of Energy aura
n0322.pngChinese Wedding Set

463 (1).png[Lv1 Mount] Bird Nest :classic_biggrin:


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