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Captain Barbarossa

Big Update "Merry Christmas!" (Mystery Island)

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Dear players! Our team is glad to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ?
Wish you and your families happiness, success and love. ❤️
We hope that we can please you with our new update.
Have a nice game!


1. Christmas Village ?
Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming, so a portal to the Christmas Village has opened on our server!

This is a special location that will only be active from December 24rd to January 6th!

The portal to the location is located in Argent City 2232, 2778.


2. Snow Battle ❄️
It is a special dungeon where players of any level and skill must fight to the last winner.
Your main weapon is snowballs and your skill
Opening time: 
6:00, 16:00 server time in Christmas Village



3.Christmas Farm and Boss Event ⚔️

The main cities of this game are attacked by Christmas monsters!

Kill these monsters to get special items:

1) n1732.png (32×32) Little Snow Ball

2) n1217.png Christmas Lollipop

3) n1725.png Christmas Greeting Card

4) A lot of EXP

This is a great opportunity to up your lvl! Also You can invite your friends to the server and help them increase their lvl! 

5) q0001.png (32×32) Summon scroll with christmas bosses: Death Knight , Huge Mud MonsterSnowman WarlordWandering SoulThe Soul of Goddess



You can get Christmas boxes from each boss:

1. n0861.png Yellow Christmas Box

Something one of this:

x5 image.pngGreat Fairy Ration

x3 n1483.png Fruit of Growth

n1181.png Refining Gem

 n0322.png Broken Gem Chest

n0322.png Cracked Gem Chest

n2120.png Key Purple Crystal


2. n0918.png Red Christmas Box

Something one of this:

x5 image.png Great Fairy Ration

x3 n1235.png Gyoza

n1181.png Refining Gem

n2125.pngThe Universe Purse

n0322.png Language Barrier

n0347.png Lv 65 Ring Ticket 

n1410.png Happy Holiday Magazine

n1397.png 3.5x Amplifier of Strive

n2121.png Green Dragon Key


3. n0899.png Blue Christmas Box

Something one of this:

n2125.pngThe Universe Purse

Cloak Upgrade Device

n0347.png Lv 75 Ring Ticket

image.png [Lv1 Mount] Snowman Baby

n0347.png Improved Fruit Voucher

a7364.png New Year Aura

n0322.png Rebirth Wine Chest

Level UP Scroll

Valentine's Day Ring

n0195.png Chiatan's Aura

n2122.png Black Dragon Key



4. Special gifts for new players! ?
Now every new player can enter a promo code on the web-site to receive a Starter Pack
We have added everything necessary for a new player to be comfortable playing on our server

To get this, you must be a new player and enter the promo code on our website in your personal account




5. image.png  Christmas Boxes in Item Mall

Promotional conditions:
The promotion is valid only on 
December 25and 27
Available quantity - 500 pcs, after which the chest will disappear from Item Mall

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