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Captain Barbarossa

The Interview of Captain Barbarossa with Akzi

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Kraken Online 2022-06-03 23.12.35.png


1. Hi! Tell us about yourself.
- Yo. My nickname is Akzi and I am the guild leader of BASED at Fortune Island
Thank you for inviting me to the interview.

Kraken Online 2022-06-03 23.08.43.png

2. When and how did you start to play Tales of Pirates? Have you played at official servers back in the days?
- My long path in ToP started back in 2010 when i was a kid. Been solid 12 years who would know... wow
The first friend in my life showed me this game and we played for 3 days together and then he never logged again. And yes i've played on 1st server of Russian official ToP which was called Morgan.


3. What is it about this game that appeals to you after so many years?
- There are couple things about it.
The first one is my friends. I really managed to come to understanding that the biggest thing keeping me around ToP is my friends and acquantainces that are calling me to play with them every single time.
People rely on me at many stuffs about the game and guild and i just can not fail them.
The second one is the PK and the game mechanics that we are all so used to throughout years. Any other MMO game that i have started to play i couldn't find such thing that would catch me as ToP.
And in this point i also want to thank Kraken Online developers for making the game so smooth and comfortable. The experience that we're having so far is something that is above every other server I and my guild have played before.


4. How does it feel to be one of the most hated players, but at the same time you can always gather a guild around you and manage it well?
- I have a large history behind me. Lots of conflicts/scandals/whatever happened before and I'm just trying to leave it all behind and live by the day. I'm very thankful for life experience i gained going through all that. I can't tell if I'm really one of the most hated people though... Haters gonna hate.
Regarding the guild it always starts as a small thing. Before Kraken Online opened Fortune Island it was only me and Kr9k (ign Shaitan) who planned to join and "see how it goes" because you don't know what every next server brings you. And we ended up having around 150 people in our guild discord before server opened. Very ironic i should say.
Guild management is always about the amount of time that you can spend around your community and the game and I am very committed to it. I do it because I love it. I do all the time. I'm definitely addicted to it.

📢guild-recruitment - Opera 2022-06-03 22.49.01.png


5. "Kill Akzi, kill Akzi, he's the leader" - thats what we can hear in enemy's voice chat often. Do you feel like enemies proritize you as a target to attack before everyone else just to leave your guild without raid leader?
- Yes, absolutely i feel how focused by the enemies my character is in the PK, that's why I have my own strategics and plans that I developed through out time on how should I play the game. I appreciate that much attention from them. Means a lot.


6. You have a very large list of muted people in the game. Why?
- It's true. There are more than 50 people on my mute/block list in game. Social aspect in ToP is one of the pillars of the game. You can't refrain from reading chat. There are always lots of information that you should consume to operate things well.
That is why i prefer to cut off unwanted messages to slide through it. For example flame/trash talk from enemies after my guild loses in a maze. I'm 100% living inside my guild, that's how our community works. Ignoring haters and not feeding the trolls is my way.


7. Why did you decide to play on our server?
- I have known Kraken (The head admin) for more than 8 years. He was the person who taught me how to play Sharpshooter. And when he called me to try it I couldn't say NO.
I looked through the server concept and all of the in-game features and honestly I've had some doubts if it's gonna be it. I wished that everything worked as it was written on paper and for my surprise it does.
The server is doing great and I didn't regret even for a second that I joined here. I bet many can say the same. What we have now is better than any other private server people have played before. Therefore everyone should give it a try.


8. Are there any among the players of Kraken Online who you consider worthy opponents?
- Speaking of players the most competitive moments I've had so far were versus Ziga (aka Jive) from Toxic Squad. I would say he's one of the most dangerous and proficient enemies in the game now.
Every guild that is present in the PK is a worthy opponent for me though when they manage to get enough player numbers for a certain maze.

Tales of Pirates 2022 - Epic Battles in Dungeons -.png

9. What is your favorite maze and why?
- It is Snow War. The first appearance of the map as PvP one happened at Russian official servers and since then I absolutely fell in love with that maze and till now it brings me nostalgic vibes when I'm there.
I just love the map and the mechanic when you can party your guildmates. I love it.


10. Are there any brightest and most memorable moments or interesting stories on any servers?
- There are plenty of them... but I'll tell you just one.
There was a time like 2 or 3 years ago when i first explored PKO server to myself and i wasn't familiar with it at all before.
Literally it was the second time i logged there to pilot one of my friend's characters there for Abaddon and I ended up leading their guild through Hardin and little did i know Goddess Kara was never defeated by players so far in PKO.
We managed to kill it under my lead. I had great feeling after doing it. Shoutout to all Federales or ex-Federales who were present there.


11. Would you like to shoutout to someone or wish something to our players?
- Shoutout to my closest friends Playl3oy, Kr9k, Myth and whole La Familia. If they were not around I wouldn't be where I am now. To all the players and people reading this who haven't started to play I only can wish that you come and enjoy the game along with us. It is definitely worth it to try Kraken Online. And of course join BASED guild!

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