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Captain Barbarossa

Terms of use tweaks and modifications

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1. It is forbidden to use such programs as : WPE, RPE, Cheat Engine, Piratia Plug(version with connect to Game.exe) and other, also replacing monster models - i will be forced to block your accounts.

2. Permitted to use - anti-animation, zoom, design, TopPerf, Quick Skill, cooking strip, Piratia Plug(version with not connect to Game.exe), ChaosPatch.

- anti-animation - when you use skills, they have animation, there is no animation with this tweak and skills are used instantly.

1. CharacterAction - way into the game Kraken Online/scripts/txt

2. 0002.lab - way into the game Kraken Online/animation

- zoom

1. CameraConf.clu - way into the game Kraken Online/scripts/lua

non zoom:




- TopPerf

1. way into the game Kraken Online - with this program, you can remove wings, pet music, weapons glow, effects. Be sure to press the button before use backup. Otherwise, you will have to reinstall the game client.


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