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Sharpshooter for Beginners

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General Information:
Sharpshooter is the advancement class for Hunter, either Lance or Phyllis. Sharpshooters specialize in dealing a lot of damage from a longer distance than most physical damage classes, with a couple of very unique and useful skills to promote the long range "hit and run" play style. As sharpshooters, they can use Guns in order to deal higher damage, have access to seals but attack more slowly, or bow to attack faster, at a higher range and make use of the skills learned as Hunter.



  • Only ranged physical class in the game
  • Most useful class to boss with
  • Highest movement speed class
  • Multi-purpose class, variety of builds to choose from


  • Least durable class in the game, frail
  • Difficult time leveling later on than other classes
  • Limited choice of equipment
  • Very bad skill tree until higher levels

Sharpshooters have a variety of stat builds, but the two most common ones are full damage or full tank. Full damage sharpshooter focuses on stats which increase its overall damage, and serves as a primary damage dealer in bossing, leveling, farming and so on, while tank sharpshooter plays as a support during bossing or PvP.

Accuracy (Acc) - This is the primary stat for sharpshooters, as it increases their attack and hit rate. It is a crucial stat for a damage-oriented sharpshooters, with a healthy mix of agility on top of it to prevent clunky attacks. On tank sharpshooter, it is almost entirely a waste to add points into.
Agility (Agi) - Unlike other classes which utilize agi, on Sharpshooters it only has one purpose, and that's increasing its damage output. Usually accuracy provides higher damage and boosts, but a small dose of agi helps them attack more consistently and make the class less clunky.
Constitution (Con) - Con is useful on any class, but sharpshooters have the lowest con scaling in the game. This means that it is not until higher amounts of con are reached that sharpshooters will really feel it having a huge effect on their HP or defense. On damage sharpshooter, this stat can be mixed in only with superb gear and levels. Otherwise, this stat should be left for tank sharpshooters to pump up.


Firegun Mastery - Strong passive skill which increases sharpshooter's damage. It should be a priority to level up on damage sharpshooters, alongside seals.
Cripple - The first seal which Sharpshooters have access to. It is the only skill which decreases dodge and applies a heavy slow on top of it. Worth leveling up on either build.
Enfeeble - The second seal which Sharpshooters can use. It disables the use of skills and lowers the target's attack. This is one of the most important skills on both builds because, besides its strong effect in PvP, this is the bread and butter skill during mazes, or bossing in particular.

Sharpshooters have a very limited number of equipment which they can use.
Unseals equipment for sharpshooters is very bad, due to not giving enough essential stats. They have to rely on equipment which increases movement speed, physical resist and HP. This means that Chaos Stones are a very good choice, with the exception of the gloves; whereas Black Dragon equipment should be the end-game goal for any sharpshooter. Equipment from Chests provides few stats, and can easily be replaced by equipment with high base Acc.
Lv70 Boss stones are quite bad, with the exception of the claw, which increases attack speed and should be the end-game goal, at least for damage sharpshooter.

As for weapons, the unseal guns are very good, however alternative weapons would include Guns with high stats and no attack speed reduction. Due to their rarity however, unseal guns prove to be a safe choice.

Early game: Early on, Hunter and Sharpshooters are very good at leveling due to their long range and naturally high hit rate. They can often tackle monsters fairly above their current level and earn a lot of experience. Things don't change much when they promote into Sharpshooters, but the skill Cripple can help against mobs with high dodge or if they have a class with low hit rate in their party.

Mid game: This is a relatively difficult phase for sharpshooters. They tend to slowly fall off in terms of leveling and, unlike most other classes, they tend to not get a huge boost with chest equipment. If they go to mazes at this level, they will require help getting around and their damage will probably not be enough to be as useful as other classes may be.

Late game: This is where Sharpshooters get a confidence boost. Once they reach high levels, get a lot of equipment and gems, they are no longer as frail and can still do the most DPS from a distance. The road is tough, but it is worth it in the end.

Sharpshooters in low level mazes:
Forsaken City - In Forsaken City, Sharpshooters are a decent class at best. They're outclassed by Seal masters in bossing, by crusaders in farming and PvP and they are also very frail due to no good equipment being available at their level.

Dark Swamp - In Dark swamp on the other hand, Sharpshooters are very strong. They have access to Chaos stones and better weapons, not to mention more skill points. They are useful in every aspect, from bossing to PvP.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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