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Seal Master for Beginners

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General Information:
Seal Master is one of the advancement classes for Herbalist, either Phyllis or Ami. Seal Masters specialize in sealing and stunning enemies. It's not really a damage dealing class, but rather a support role, as it can seal enemies and heal teammates/themself. With a Seal Master, the player wanna make sure that they don't get too close to their enemies, as sealmaster often relies on being tanky, but at the same time can be very squishy once they get stunned or sealed themself. Playing the team role as a Seal Master is often the safest way to go.


Very good at sealing/stunning enemies
Can heal themself or teammates
Often very tanky
Lots of useful debuff skills
Can't hide
Vourable once all seal skills are used
Often little sp since it relies on mainly con
Sealmasters is not a class with very many builds. The main build any Sm should go would be going pure con. Without the con the clas will be very vounreable to enemies. Since Seal master is a class that relies on sealing enemies and jump back and fourth with the seals, its important for the class to be tanky.

Constitusion. (CON) - This is the primary stat of a Seal Master, as the class primarly doesnt have any sheild skills, that covers hp with mana (as a cleric does), therefore the class heavily relies on being tanky to survive enemies hit, while it's rushing forward to seal/slow down enemies on it's way.
Spirit. (SPR) - This is the second most important stat for Seal Master, if the seal master player wants to do abit of damage on the side, its recomended to burst some points into SPR, as it will make the magical damage and Spiritual Bolt skill stronger.

The following link provides a lot of information as well as skill previews for all seal master skills. In this guide however, a few noteworthy ones will be mentioned

Spiritual Bolt - This is the main damage dealing skill for Seal Master's, it casts a bolt dealing damage depending on the magical attack of the seal master and the spr.
Cursed Fire - This is debuff, it will decrease the defense of an enemy target making it more vounrable to attacks from other players or monsters
Abyss Mire - This is another debuff, that will decrease the movment speed of enemy player's making it easier to escape clutchy situations and have a higher sustain in general.
Shadow Insignia - This skill will prevent players from using normal melee on anyone else for a short duration on time, giving seal masters and other player's time to recover and get in a better position.
Seal of Elder - This skill will seal any player or monster, making it unable to cast any skills or spells or any target before the period has ran out.

Seal Master's have a couple of equipments they can use to benefit them in battles.
Unseald equipments for seal masters is very bad, due to not giving enough essentinal stats. Seal Masters tend to rely on stats that gives lots of hp, con and spr. Therefore going Chaos argent equipment is often a smart call for seal master's as they give good stats. As for abit earlier than Chaos Argent equipments, the chest equipments, inca, engima, eva are often good pickups for early and budget friendly equipment builds. As for higher level, the black dragon torso and the bd wing is a very good pick for those who's able to get their hands on it. Along with a lv 70 frame glove you create a very good and lasting equipment stack for a seal matser for end-game.

As for weponds, the unsealds are the way to go for seal masters. They give the essentinal con and spr stats needed to be useful in fights.

Early game: Early on Seal Masters will have a very hard time levling up, seal masters or herbalists in general are a type of class that often relies on parties when it comes to leveling. even their damage early on with spiritual bolt is frankly very low. And putting some points on spr to get extra damage for that early game grind for seal masters is often a very bad decision.

Mid game: This is where Seal master's get a little bit better. Not to say it gets a big leap, but the class itself gets to have their first starting sealing and debuff skills. This way they can seal monsters and lure them back and fourth to deal damage and run, and play the hit n run playstyle of a sharpshooter.

Late game: At this point, the seal master has unlocked all its skills, can equip a pretty good equipment types and that way they can control lots of situations. as for PvE the class is still not gona be the best due to its lack of damaging skills, and damage in general, but its sure a very helpful hand when it comes to boss fights and sealing bosses in general. same with PvP, a very good handful of help often comes from seal masters who aid their teamamtes in battle by sealing oponents and debuffing them.

Seal Masters in low level mazes:
Forsaken City. - In Forsaken City, Seal Masters are a decent class, not the best, and thats because they haven't unlocked all their sealing skills yet, some might be at a very low level and some not fully unlocked yet, along with their equipment picks being very limited at this rate, makes the class a in-general big and easy target for oponents.

Dark Swamp. - In Dark Swamp on the other hand, seal master's gets to equip their chaos argent frames, unlocked all their sealing skills and levled them quite well up, this way they can build a tanky build and be able to seal and debuff enemies very well.

*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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