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Captain Barbarossa

The Interview of Captain Barbarossa with Nekko

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1. Hello! Introduce yourself, please.
- Hello my name is Akram, I am 20 years Old ,From Egypt, in game am known as Nekko

2.    When and how did you come to Tales Of Pirates? Played on official servers?
- I joined Top1 Around 2009, my friend invited me to it and so on we played a lot of servers together, while I still play and he Doesn’t xD
3.    What exactly does this game catch for you after so many years?
- I actualy Don’t know That My Self, I think The Pk is Most FUn

4.    How do you feel about the fact that you are one of the most powerful and recognizable in DS on our server?
- Feels Good , and a lot of fun since many challengers evreyday





5.    How do you manage to win almost all DS? 
- Specail Thanks To pots that people keep crying about “Cant Win no Pot”?
And am like do what you can afford I mean pots aren’t that expansive 

6.    Tell a story about Sealed Bps
- I Once Was Farming Sbps And I saw teammate farming there I wanted to troll him and said ill report him while he was afk
and suddenl after 2hours bob said he selling 1000sealed bps and gm decided to checked Zephyr isle
I went afk than I found out I got kicked from guild while I was just trolling none believe me I asked gm for screenshot he passed yet still none believes me tho I don’t realy care I didn’t want to joing back anyways went back to solo DS

7.    What guild are you in?
- Seekers its Full Of Fun people Such As Ruuki my catfish girlfriend and my Disciples Tewna and Godz hehe
- newly joined since couldn’t keep up alone anymore and guilds started to ally vs me and still lose

8.    Is it a guild of friends or have you collected it while playing on our server?
- Randomly Met in game but they turn out to be realy trustworthy friends

9.    Why did you decide to play on our server?
Well definetly Because its most fun server so far, and gms do actualy care about players opinion not like others just care about Cash.

10.    Are there any brightest and most memorable moments or interesting stories on any servers?
Yep So Many, best one was when bd spawned and everyone was waiting for me at for like 5mins at bd, once I got there they gave me keys that Guess What?
No Lbs LMFAO cant Enter so I just sit there and spy 

11.    Do you want to say hello to someone or wish something to our players?
Id Like to Say 
BabyDragon Thanks For Supporting me at all times
SuperSno Stop whining about everything and try have fun

12.    Tell the story where it came from «pm me need talk serious».


I was guildless soloing all and everyone had guild with atleast +5 members yet I still won all of it
After OldTomato guild couldn’t keep up 
their leader “Hachi”  said in world chat “Nekko Pm Me Need Talk Serious About Ds”
he wanted to ally me and I agreed to ally them than I went sleep 
After that my pilot babydragon logged and allyed seekers 
Than he started crying on world chat “nice ally nekko” was so damn funny 

13. I see you have enemies, do you think you can deal with them?

Definetly got many enemys, Yep i can deal with them no matter how many they are






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