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Big update "International Women's Day"

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The Kraken Online Team congratulates all girls on International Women's Day ❤️
and wishes them love, happines and lucky drop.

Each girl playing on our server will be able to get any apparel of their choice from March 5 to 10th

Also we have prepared a next update!

                          Technical work will begin at 20:00 06/03/2020 and last 15-30 minutes!

Whats new?

1. Mounts System ?


I know you have been waiting for this for a long time!
Mounts are already waiting for when you together can conquer the vastness of this game! ?

The first mounts that will be available:

 image.png  [Mount] Wild Elk                 image.png  [Mount] Mini Bee            image.png [Mount] Strong Treant

elk.gif         bee1.gif         tree.gif

Only the strongest pirate can subjugate these wild monsters!  ?

Note: Works only in 3th inventory slot. Disabled on PK Maps

2. [Event] International Women's Day! :classic_love:

Oh no! A large crowd of Carsises and Lances sailed to Argent to congratulate our girls on International Women's Day!


They set up their camps on Argent beach! Be careful it is carefully guarded!


Defeat all monsters and bosses and get a valuable reward!


To do this, you will need to collect  image.png Roses  and  image.pngTorn Underpants  from the monsters and bosses  and exchange them with the NPC Womens Day Merchant at Argent City (2192, 2787)

This is a great chance for beginners to get equipment and experience!

Also if u kill Granary u can get   n0322.pngPotion Chest with: 

- n0290.png (32×32)  Bull Potion
- n0426.png (32×32)  Battle Potion
- n0351.png (32×32)  Berserk Potion
- q0027.png (32×32)  Energy Potion
- n0133.png (32×32)  Harden Potion
- n0293.png (32×32)  Accurate Potion
- q0033.png (32×32)  Blessed Potion

3. Solo EXP rates (x5), Team EXP rates (x8), drop rates (x4), will be increased until March 13th! ?

4. New game  [HD] - Mitrodor
Be careful this guy monitors the chat and the game and will be able to ban you :classic_biggrin:

5. image.png Treasure Chests with real rare items will be added to the Item Mall.

What can you get by opening this chest?

1) image.png  Honorary Crown of Kings  

2) e1043.png (32×32)  Crown of Decedent   

3) n0322.png  Rebirth Wine Chest
(Contains all wines for Rebirth Quest. Gives you a chance to easier complete the Rebirth Quest.)

4) image.png Mobile bank

5) Mounts - works in 3th inventory slot
 image.png  [Mount] Wild Elk                 image.png  [Mount] Mini Bee            image.png [Mount] Strong Treant

elk.gif         bee1.gif         tree.gif

6) Unique auras - works in 4th inventory slot

 image.png  Heat of the Sun aura                image.png   Fire aura                  image.png    Ball of Energy aura     

   a7339.gif         a7442.gif         a7441.gif


7)  Flying wings    

image.png [Flying] Ebony Dragon Wings        image.png [Flying] Rainbow Wings  

    wings.gif                wings1.gif

7)  n0347.png (32Ã�32)  Scrolls with unique 65 lvl rings and necks

n0347.png (32×32) Lv 65 Ring Ticket (Random stat ring lvl 65 - 1 pcs
It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:


n0347.png (32×32) Ancient Necklace Voucher (Random stat neck lvl 65 - 1 pcs)

It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:


?n0347.png (32Ã�32)  Scrolls with unique coralls

9)  image.png Valentine's Day Ring

10) Jade gems

n1183.png Red Jade

n1532.png (32Ã�32) Yellow Jade

n1185.png Green Jade

? Items from Item Mall  image.png

11) n1256.png (32Ã�32) n1255.png (32Ã�32) Forging kits

12)  n1357.png (32Ã�32) Tickets

13) n1355.png (32×32) Hi-Amps and etc.

14) n1678.png (32Ã�32) Cook

15) Potions

- n0290.png (32×32) Bull Potion
- n0426.png (32×32)  Battle Potion
- n0351.png (32×32)  Berserk Potion
- q0027.png (32×32) Energy Potion
- n0133.png (32×32) Harden Potion
- n0293.png (32×32) Accurate Potion
- q0033.png (32×32) Blessed Potion

16)  n1728.png (32×32) Summon Scrolls


And many other useful items!


The promotion will last only 7 days! Hurry up!

To do this, you need to go to the section "Sale" in the in-game store  image.png



6. Also on the weekend there will be a small event, the main prize crystals!
Follow the news in the game and in the discord!

A new event for guilds that come to our server.  

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. For details PM @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa   ?


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game!





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