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Rebirth Quest

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General Information:
Phoenix Rebirth, often times called simply Rebirth or RB is one of the most difficult and most rewarding, non-repetitive, series of quests in the game.

The perks that players get when completing rebirth are quite unique and include:

  • Ability to change class
  • Resetting all skills
  • Resetting all stat points
  • Getting a unique passive rebirth skill
  • Getting a unique active rebirth skill
  • Getting unique Rebirth Wings which give the character the ability to fly (only visual)

Note: Players cannot change to a class not suitable to their character. I.e. a Lance cannot change class into Cleric upon rebirth.

The quest is accepted at none other than Goddess, in Heaven. In order to access Heaven, a player either has to bring a n1410.pngGoddess's Favor(in our server favor can be drop FC and DS mein boss, it's also transmitted) or a set of items to Heaven Teleporter , in Treasure Gulf.
The set of items consists of:
-1x n1456.pngBone of Mummy
-1x n1457.pngSoul of Corpse Soldier
-1x n1458.pngHeart of Pharaoh
-1x n1443.pngHoly Bible

In order to accept and do the quest, a few requirements have to be met:
-Player must be Lv75 or above
-Player must have 9999 Reputation points or more

In order to complete the quest and obtain the Rebirth Stone, which is the essential item used to rebirth, 8 Runes have to be obtained from various NPCs which will have a variety of tasks ready in order to obtain each Rune.

n1747.pngLeo Rune

The first and easiest rune.
The quest begins at Huckinson, in Lone Tower 6.
In order to begin talking to him, the aforementioned requirements (Lv75 and 9999 Reputation have to be met) and the "Hi!" option has to be clicked.


He will first require the player to answer 15 questions, related to general game knowledge and knowledge of the game's story.

1) Which of the story quest below is connected to the missing boy quest?
Answer: A Crazy Reason
2) Who is the lover of Andrew?
Answer: Hami
3) Which of these below are material for manufacturing?
Answer: Evil Polliwog Blood
4) The love keepsake of the mysterious granny is..?
Answer: Garden of Eve stone
5) Demonic Fruit will change into what?
Answer: Devil
6) Which of the option below is correct?
Answer: Hami is the illegitimate son of Sang Di
7) Black Market merchant used to be common.
Answer: That was Before he fell in love with Donna.
8.) NPC secrets revealed! What sort of person do you think Pappa is?
Answer: Happy Pretty Girl
9) Regarding gem extraction, which of these stated below is wrong?
Answer: Collection Fee equipment refining level * 1000G
10) Who knows the secret of the Brimstone?
Answer: Ditto and Langa
11) Which herbs stated below has side effect?
Answer: Memory Capsule
12) Whos lying?
Answer: Langa: Mysterious Granny is not the one in my heart
13) Do you like to play Pirate King Online?
Answer: I like it ! (Second one)
14) The High Priest has what bad habit?
Answer: Smoke Addict
15) I believe that these riddles are interesting.
Answer: Do you with to try? Want

After this is done, the quest "Mark of the Warrior" will appear on Huckinson and it has to be completed in order to move on.


Upon returning to Huckinson and completing the quest, the first rune, Leo Rune, will be obtained, and a new quest, "Little Mystery Man", will appear.

n1746.pngRoico Rune

The second rune series of quests begins at Hairstylist, located in Spring Isle.
Note: Language Barrier has to be finished in order to talk to the Hairstylist and proceed with the quest.

He will offer a quest titled "Simple Mission".


When that's finished, four quests titled "Days of Abstinence" will need to be completed in order to get the Rune. They include bringing different types of Wine for the Hairstylist. Wines are potions obtained from cooking, while these wines in particular are obtained from lv5-6 Cooking.

Days of Abstinence (1)
Requirement: 30x n1681.pngMao Wine

Days of Abstinence (2)
Requirement: 20x n1680.pngDukan Wine

Days of Abstinence (3)
Requirement: 15x n1684.pngGinseng Wine

Days of Abstinence (4)
Requirement: 20x n1681.pngMao Wine

Total: 50x Mao Wine, 20x Dukan Wine, 15x Ginseng Wine

Upon bringing all the wines to the Hairstylist, the second rune, Roico Rune, will be obtained, and a new quest, "Seek out Demonic Guide", will appear.

n1745.pngBaby Rune

The third rune, this is where things get serious. Up until now, Rebirth Quest seemed doable without the help of other people, but from now on, the quests will involve teamwork.
This series of quests consists of killing high level bosses and it starts at Tomas Tutu, in Demonic World 2

Carribean Tour Day 1:
Requirement: Kill 1x Deathsoul Commander
Note: Deathsoul Commander is located in Research Shelter, which can be reached from Naval Base using special items.

Carribean Tour Day 2:
Requirement: Kill 1x Barborosa
Note: Barborossa is located in top-left side of Skeletar Isle.

Carribean Tour Day 3:
Requirement: Kill 1x Prehistoric Giant Octopus
Note: Prehistoric Giant Octopus, or simply "Kraken", is located in the top-right side of Skeletar Isle, in the middle of a small lake. It is considered the be the most difficult sea boss.

Upon completing all three very tedious quests, the third rune, Baby Rune, will be obtained, and a new quest, "Who is the Guardian", will appear.

The other Runes:

The rest of the runes will be obtained from completing this series of quests. They are:

However, do not be fooled, this is the most tedious part of the quest, which is why it rewards five Runes.
This quest starts at Tourist - Tink in Icicle city. She will offer the "Tough? Or troublesome?" quest. Here, players will be given the ability to choose which path they wish to take in order to obtain the rest of the runes.

This is done at Clan Chief - Albuda by choosing "Select a path of rebirth"


Afterwards, either 'Tough Difficulty' or 'Troublesome path' have to be selected.


Tough Difficulty has fewer quests and fewer tasks to do overall, and it involves killing high level bosses in mazes. Meanwhile, troublesome path consists of numerous quests which are made to be troublesome and generally involve a lot more effort and time.

Note: After choosing a path, it can be changed at Albuda by choosing "Reselect a path of rebirth". However, this will cost 10 million gold, so choose carefully.
Accepting the next quest, "Continue the path of Rebirth", and heading back to Tourist Tink will continue the quest, based on which difficulty was chosen.

Tough Difficulty:
Selecting tough difficulty will allow players to accept the "Arduous Quest" at Tourist Tink.
It is the only quest which is needed to finish the tough difficulty and obtain the rest of the runes, but it is a difficult one.


Upon defeating all the tough bosses, finishing the quest will reward the player with the five runes mentioned above.

Troublesome Path:

Time based challenge
Selecting troublesome path will allow players to accept this quest at Tourist Tink. There will be two more of the same quests right after, and they require completing the Challenge Genesis within a time period.

Challenge Genesis is a quest accepted at Sailer - Coddy with the first inventory slot free. It is a sea traveling quest, which requires the player to visit all Sea havens and, finally, talk to Sailor - Dio , in Thundoria Harbor.
Note: The time required is measured from the time the Challenge Genesis quest is accepted until it is finished at Sailor Dio and it is tracked in the n1783.pngChallenge Letter given to the player when accepting the quest. Make sure to time it carefully.

Time based challenge (1)
Requirement: Complete Challenge Genesis within 1800 seconds (30 minutes)

Time based challenge (2)
Requirement: Complete Challenge Genesis in between 25200 and 28800 seconds (between 7 and 8 hours)

Time based challenge (3)
Requirement: Complete Challenge Genesis in between 18000 and 19800 seconds (between 5 and 5.5 hours)

Visit the guardian of Thundoria
After all three quests have been completed, this one will appear and it will start yet another series of quests. This quest will lead to Argent Ambassador - Yata in Thundoria Castle.

He will have a new quest, "Battle of Aries Palace", ready.


  • Equip a full Aries Set (Can be apparel), obtained by finishing Aries Quest on Captain difficulty.
  • Bring a n1794.pngSeal of Aries, obtained by finishing Aries Quest on any difficulty.

Visit the Guardian of Shaitan
The next series of quests takes place at Tourist - Wowo in Shaitan City.

He will offer the "World Tour" quest, which involves talking to various NPCs all over the world.

However, each of those NPCs will take away 500 Reputation points. With a total of 12 NPCs, 6000 Reputation will be required to complete this part.

1) Kentaro (Abandoned mine haven)
2) Minelli (Babul haven)
3) Willi (Atlantis Haven)
4) Professor Fenny (Valhalla Haven)
5) Ditaro (Oasis Haven)
6) Lulu (Icespire Haven)
7) Durian (Rockery Haven)
? Linda (Solace Haven)
9) Xeus (Skeleton Haven)
10) Azur Breeze (Chaldea Haven)
11) Nana (Icicle Haven)
12) Minoseva (Andes Forest Haven)

Visit the guardian of Haven
When all the NPCs have been visited, completing the quest at Wowo will bring this one up.
The next part brings the player to Heaven Teleporter in Treasure Gulf. He will offer three quests, one after the other, titled "Testament of the Piety"

Testament of the Piety (1)
Requirement: Use 9x n1478.pngSacred Candle, provided by him. They have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Testament of the Piety (2)
Requirement: Use 99x n1478.pngSacred Candle, provided by him. They have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Testament of the Piety (3)
Requirement: Use n1844.pngGoddess Statue 999 times, provided by him. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds

-An item is used when it is double clicked or placed into the hotbar and the respective hotkey is pressed.
-The candles will each yield 1x n1478.pngLighted Sacred Candle, which are the first two quest's requirement.
-The statue will keep track of how many times it's been used. When the counter reaches 999, the quest can be completed.

Visit the Guardian of Argent
And finally, the last series of quests of the Troublesome path, done at Sailer - Coddy
The quests he will provide, titled "Game of Madness", involve killing many low level monsters.

Game of Madness(1)
Requirement: Kill 110x Mystic Shrub
Note: After killing the shrubs, select 'First Question' at Coddy and answer 'Not Happy'

Game of Madness(2)
Requirement: Kill 110x Snowy Mystic Shrub

Game of Madness(3)
Requirement: Kill 110x Sailor Squidy

Game of Madness(4)
Requirement: Kill 110x Snow Squidy

Game of Madness(5)
Requirement: Kill 110x Sailor Squirt

Game of Madness(6)
Requirement: Kill 110x Snow Squirt

After finishing all series of quests, the player will be rewarded with the five runes mentioned above.

Concluding Rebirth Quest:
Whether it was through the tough or troublesome path, once the player has obtained all eight runes, the Phoenix Rebirth quest can be completed, where it was accepted, at Goddess
Finishing the quest will give a n1754.pngRebirth Stone as reward. This stone can be used at Rebirth Angel, by selecting "I wish to be rebirth"

Followed by the choice of the class (choose carefully, this process is irreversible!)

Note: In order to choose the class, all equips have to be taken off and at least 6 inventory slots must be free.
After selecting the class, the player will successfully rebirth, obtaining the passive rebirth skill, a skill book for the active rebirth skill, Rebirth wings, as well as a complete stat and skill reset.

Rebirth skills:
The passive rebirth skill, Rebirth Mystic Power, increases the physical damage the player deals by 5.5%, and reduces the physical damage he takes by 5.5%


The active skills differ for each class.

Ethereal Slash (Crusader)
-Deals damage to all targets around the crusader

Red Thunder Cannon (Sharpshooter)
-Deals damage to all targets in a straight line

Beast Legion smash (Champion)
-Deals damage to all targets around the champion and applies a slow effect to them while they are in the area.

Devil Curse (Seal Master)
-Deals damage over time to targets and applies a debuff to them upon cast.
increase Attack Speed by 30%
increase Max Attack by 20%
increase Min Attack by 20%
increase Defense 5%
increase mspd by 30%

Holy Judgment (Cleric)
-Deals damage to all enemies and heals all allies around the cleric.

Super consciousness (Voyager)
-Deals damage over time to targets in an area.


*Guide taken from a third-party resource

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