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Big update "Valentine's Day"

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The Kraken Online Team wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day  and wishes you and your loved ones love and happiness! ❤️

Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!

                          Technical work will begin at 20:00 13/02/2020 and last 15-30 minutes!

Whats new?

1. Wedding ?

Now each player will be able to get married in his soulmate and conquer the world of the game together.


All information in the guide ->

2. New dungeon - Arena of Death

At the request of many players, a new dungeon was created!
Winning it is not so simple, but I’m sure that the smartest ones will be able to find a way to get rare treasures guarded by powerful monsters! ?
For beginners, it’s enough to hide and survive effectively to get the cherished 
n1535.png King of the Ring Emblem and some gold.


Opening Time -  Everyday at 11:00 and 23:00 (Server Time)
in Icicle along the coordinates 1341, 581 

All information in the guide ->

3. Chest and Key System


This system should help beginners and old players get rare items by visiting dungeons such as Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World

All information in the guide ->

4. Solo EXP rates (x5), Team EXP rates (x8), drop rates (x4), will be increased until February 21rd! ?

5. image.png Wedding chests in Item Mall

Give a present to your soulmate! In this chest you will find everything you need for the wedding ceremony! Do not forget to call friends! :classic_love:

In this chest you will find: 

image.png Valentine's Day Ring
image.png Aura of Love


n1257.png (32×32) Wedding Apparel Chest

As well as other things for the wedding ceremony:

6. Also on the weekend there will be a small event, the main prize crystals!
Follow the news in the game and in the discord!

A new event for guilds that come to our server.  

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. For details PM @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa   ?


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game!



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