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Big update "Christmas adventures"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!

Technical work will begin at 20:00 23/12/2019 and last 15-30 minutes!

Whats new?

We announce the action! Anyone who shoots for our server a high-quality promotional video for advertising will receive 1000 crystals. For details write @GM Kraken


1. Christmas Event!


Christmas Monsters have attacked all cities of the continent!



You must protect the city from them and you can get:

1) n1732.png (32×32) Little Snow Ball

2) n1217.png (32×32) Christmass Lollipop

3) n1725.png (32×32) Christmas Greeting Card

4) A lot of EXP

This is a great opportunity to up your lvl! Also You can invite your friends to the server and help them increase their lvl! 


5) q0001.png (32×32) Summon scroll with christmas bosses: Death Knight , Huge Mud MonsterSnowman WarlordWandering SoulThe Soul of Goddess


You can get Christmas boxes from each boss:

1) n0861.png (32×32) Yellow Christmas Box 

Something one of this:

- n1351.png (32×32) x10 Fairy Ration

- n1483.png (32×32)x3 Fruit of Growth

- image.png x3 Kraken Coin

- n1181.png (32×32)Refining Gem lv1

- n1232.png (32×32) x3 Lantern


2) n0918.png (32×32) Red Christmas Box

Something one of this:

- image.png x5 Great Fairy Ration

- n1235.png (32×32) x3 Gyoza

- n0307.png (32×32) x3 Pass to Summer

- n0967.png (32×32) Strengthening Crystal

image.png Part of The Universe Purse


3) n0899.png (32×32) Blue Christmas Box

Something one of this:

image.png The Universe Purse

-  n0322.png Jade gem Chest

n0163.png (32×32) Kal Runestone

n0347.png (32×32) Lv 65 Ring Ticket (Random stat ring lvl 65 - 1 pcs
It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:


n0347.png (32×32) Ancient Necklace Voucher (Random stat neck lvl 65 - 1 pcs)

It can be of various stat combinations, all depends on your luck.

For example:




Hohoho! Santa Claus arrived in Argent City and prepared some quests for you! You can find him at 2224, 2769 in Argent City!



A Christmas tree has been added to the game! You can share your wishes in the new year with all the players!




Also u can find a Chrismas Merchant in Argent City 2191, 2787! This sweet tooth is happy to exchange your  n1217.png (32×32) Christmass Lollipop for small gifts! xD



Also we added  n1733.png (32×32) Christmas Surprise Box to all bosses in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World!

When you open this box with a really rare loot, you can get something one of this:

- x5 Flash Bomb Lv1
- image.png x5 Great Fairy Ration
- n1483.png (32×32)x5 Fruit of Growth
- n1397.png (32×32)x2 Super Amplifier of Strive
- n0290.png (32×32)x3 Bull Potion
- n0426.png (32×32) x3 Battle Potion
- n0351.png (32×32) x3 Berserk Potion
- q0027.png (32×32)x3 Energy Potion
- n0133.png (32×32)x3 Harden Potion
- n0293.png (32×32)x3 Accurate Potion
- q0033.png (32×32) Blessed Potion
- n1672.png (32×32) Some cook and pots
- n1728.png (32×32) Summon Scrolls





New Dungeon - Snow Slaughter 



Prepare your snowballs! This is dungeon, where even the latest noob can defeat the strongest player! Why? Because your weapon is snowballs! Hehehe
Throw snowballs on your enemies, bury them in the snow in this icy desert and get a worthy reward! 

You can get into this dungeon from any level! All you need is snowballs!

Also for you must be without equipment, anyone who equip on their things will be removed from the dungeon!

Opening time: 5:00, 13:00, 21:00 in Argent City 2221, 2774

Portal Duration: 15 minuts

Map Duration: 20 minuts
The last survivor gets: 10m gold and n1733.png (32×32) Christmas Surprise Box



2. Solo EXP rates (x5), Team EXP rates (x8), drop rates (x4), will be increased until January 3rd!

3. Discounts on everything you need for forging in the Item Mall!

Red Christmas 

To do this, you need to go to the section "Sale" in the in-game store  image.png



4. We have also prepared some events for you! Follow the news!


The Kraken Online team wishes you a Merry Christmas and wishes you a pleasant time with your friends!




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