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Big Update "New adventures"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!
Technical work will begin at 19:00 22/11/2019 and last hour!

Whats new?

We announce the action! Anyone who shoots for our server a high-quality promotional video for advertising will receive 1000 crystals. For details write @GM Kraken


1. Drop rates (x4) and EXP Party Rates (x7) will be increased until 25th November!
Hurry up to raise your level! For beginners, we have created a Newbie Paradise Location where you can get a lot of exp and initial equipment! The portal is in Argent at 2231, 2781


2. The maximum level is 80!
At last! Now you can improve your level!

Also you can participate in [Event] Lvl Up Marathon - 80 lvl


First of all for your class get 80 lvl.

Only 6 prizes and winners:

The first lvl 80 Champion 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!   
The first lvl 80 Crusader - 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!       
The first lvl 80 Seal Master - 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!   
The first lvl 80 Cleric - 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!             
The first lvl 80 Voyager  - 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!       
The first lvl 80 Sharpshooter - 300 Crystals and Jade Gem!   

You can monitor your results in the rating table.

Hurry up!

3. Added mirages of Thundoria, Shaitan and Icicle for lvls 70-80+


4. Boss weekend EVENT On Saturday!

All the bosses of the Tales of Pirates world will attack Argent at 19:00 November 23th! All server players need to get together and defeat them! Get ready for the battle

5. Black Friday's Double Mall Points!
Yes! You got it right! Only from November 25 to 30! When replenishing your account, you get 2 times more crystals!

6. Discord Invite EVENT!
Make an endless invite and invite as many players as possible!

10 invites - 200 Crystals

20 invites - 500 Crystals

30 invites - 1000 Crystals

7. Discounts on the Item Mall for everything you need for a lvl up!

8. We also improved our protection and fixed some bugs! In addition, we are preparing a new site for you, with new features and promotions!


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game!



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