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  1. vbkryukov1

    selling rebirth soup

    The offer is up-to-date. The cost of 4000 crystals / gold (at the current exchange rate) or exchange for equipment (optional).
  2. vbkryukov1

    Fairy skills disappeared.

    Bag s feyey. Vyuchil feye navyki: -starndartnyy berserk; - Standartnuyu meditatsiyu. Spustya neskol'ko level apov fei ostalos' u neye ostalas' nachal'naya meditatsiya. Развернуть 158/500 Fairy skills disappeared. Learned fairy skills: -Standard berserker; - Standard meditation. After a few level ups of the fairies, she left the initial meditation.
  3. vbkryukov1

    selling rebirth soup

    I’m selling rebirth soup. Exchange is possible. Suggestions write in PM.