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  1. Redfox

    selling rebirth soup

    bro, pm in disc
  2. Redfox

    How to play on MacOS

    Results: Wine - not working. Wineskin - not working. PlayOnMac - not working. The only way is to play via VM of windows. The simplest and fastest way is to use bootcamp, as for me. Note: for VM you need to have 30-50gb of free space on disk.
  3. Redfox

    How to play on MacOS

    UPDATE: Wine - not working with current launcher. Wineskin - not working with current launcher. PlayOnMac - testing
  4. Redfox

    How to play on MacOS

    Hello, this is some small guide to get familiar with basic tools which will give you ability to solve problems with any type of games. Let's start. 1. Check your MacOS version 1.1 Where can I get my MacOS version 1) click on apple icon at the top left of your screen 2) click "About This Mac" And you will see at the top of "Overview" tab your version. In my case it's macOS Catalina Now we can start main part of guide 1. if your mac has macOS Catalina, so: You have no chance to use basic tools such as "wine", "wineskin", "playOnMac" to play the game. You will ask Why? - In macOS Catalina was deprecated all x32 libraries usage even from core. What does it mean? - most of all engines & games are use to working with x32 libraries ( even modern games, mostly cause of performance of a game ), so if your system have no ability to compile x32 libraries, so you won't have ability to run scripts, as a result game/installation/etc. will give you an error So, what can I do to solve this problem? 1. Use Boot Camp ( some kind of Virtual Machine to make image of windows directly on mac/linux ). You can check detailed guide by this link: https://www.howtogeek.com/186907/how-to-install-windows-on-a-mac-with-boot-camp/ 2. Use Virtual Machine. Some examples of Virtual machines: - VirtualBox. Guide by the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuAVOpO7yFc - Parallels. Guide by the link: https://kb.parallels.com/4729?language=en - VMWare. Guide by the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMe3ynr4KuU You can choose any of those engines, they are official, so you shouldn't worry about that. If someone have different version from macOS Catalina let me know, I need your help to extend the guide with more convinient features! My discord redfox#5876