Server rules

1. Accounts Policy
1.1. Each user must have his own account, securely password protected and tied to a
valid email. If you entered an invalid email, then you will not be able to recover your
password if you forget or lose it!
1.2. If your account is shared with another player, the Kraken Online Team cannot offer
you any support regarding the return of any stolen, deleted or lost items as a result of
account sharing. Any problems that result from the sharing of an account, playing in an
internet cafe or other such actions are the sole responsibility of the account owner.
1.3 Account security
In order to increase the reliability of your data, characters and equip, we ask you:
• Use complex passwords for your accounts, with numbers and different letter heights
(For example: HeLl3oWdOrL7D2)
• ATTENTION! Do not use the same password for duplicate accounts (For example:
Login: Dumb, Dumb1, Dumb2, Dumb3 - all accounts with same password:
• ATTENTION! Do not use the same username and password as on other Tales of
Pirates servers!
• Do not give access to your account to other players
1.4. All accounts that are registered and used in Kraken Online can be suspended at
any point of time:
• If evidence is found of that account participating in "hacking", "scamming", or general
theft of another player's possessions.
• If the account is found using, or abusing, "bugs" in the game or website.
• If the account owner has been previously suspended using a different account.
• If the account is under suspicion of using fraudulent or otherwise fake information
related to credit card information, bank account numbers, or PayPal account(s).
• If the account owner has been participating in illegal deeds such as "DDoS", "SQL-
Injections", "XSS", "Bruteforce" or any other methods of compromising the game-play of
our server. Depending on how severe the attack, legal action may also be taken to
provide justice to the criminal(s).
2. Game Regulations
2.1. The GM Team does not assist any player or guild in their competition with other
players. This is a prerequisite for creating fair competition and we ask you to respect it.
2.2 The GM Team will not interfere in person conflicts between users and guilds within
the game. Conflicts between users within the game should be solved by the users with
effort by all involved parties in an appropriate manner. The GM Team will not interfere
or regulate actions resulting from these conflicts.
2.3. The GM Team may interfere, mediate, or regulate activities in the following
situations: • Bugs or errors in the server/client/web-site side
• Use of illegally accessed accounts
• Impersonating a GM
• Trading in-game items or accounts for real currency,
• Use of foul language,
• Racial / Religious slander,
• Any actions disrupting the game play of other users (see section below)
3. Mannered Activity Rules and Regulations
3.1. Offensive Language: Use of language found to be racial, religious, rude, sexually
explicit, insulting, threatening, defamatory, abusive, hateful, ethnic, or harmful used in

any kind of hateful matter, no matter the language will warrant a warning or account
3.2. Offensive Behavior: Repeated or excessive use of foul language or actions against
another player which causes the player grief or prevention from being able to
experience normal game play will result in a warning or account suspension.
3.3. Hostile actions and sabotage
• Insults and threats to the Administration
• Toxic and hysterical behavior
• Advertising of other servers and services
• Calls for other players to leave the server
• Begging
• Fraud It is punished by permanent ban of all accounts without the right to
3.4. Scamming: Scamming users, or having the intention of scamming users, is not
considered fair. Similarly, switching items which have similar icons where the trader
may not notice the switch is also scamming. Players found doing this will see that their
account is permanently suspended.
3.5. Kill-Stealing: These are user conflicts therefore these kind of problems are required
to be solved between players on their own.
3.6. Illegally Accessed Account: Accounts that are accessed illegally will result in the
intruding user's accounts to be permanently suspended, and in severe cases, IP
banned from the web server and game servers.
3.7. Monetary Trade (RWT): The selling / buying of in-game items, gold or accounts for
real currency is not permitted. This will result in a permanent suspension of the account.
4. Bugs/Abuse/Botting
4.1. File Replacement: Editing PK-enabled maps to give yourself an advantage is
illegal: removing buildings or models to provide better visibility is not allowed.
Furthermore, editing mobs in order to "hide" or editing maps to make your character (s)
"out of reach", will result in a permanent account suspension. We take abuse of the
ability to modify your client very seriously, and any player found to be doing this will not
receive a second chance.
4.2. Bug Abuse: Abuse of a bug to benefit or gain advantage beyond the intended
normal game play in-game will result in a warning or account suspension. Depending on
the seriousness of the abuse and exploit, the suspension may become permanent.
4.3. Illegal Third-Party Program Use: It is forbidden to use any programs that memorize
actions and remotely control your character. Use of any third party program to modify or
effect the normal operation of the game client will result in the permanent suspension of
the account.
4.4. Botting: If a bot is found by a player or the project administration, his account will be
blocked forever, without warning. Botting is defined as: either using an external program
to automate things like sea-commerce, using the same skill (for example Howl or
Magma Bullet) automatically over and over again, or automating game actions. Auto-
attack - we do not mind using auto-attacks both on land and water, if the character is
under the control of the player and responds to messages. If the ship or the player's
character does not respond to the GM's messages for more than 1 minute and behaves
like a bot, the character will be sent to prison.
4.5. Search for errors and bugs: If the player finds any error in the client, site or server,
which significantly affects the gameplay, he can report it and receive a reward from the

Playing on our project, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Game Rules.
If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service.
• By registering an account, downloading our client, and logging into the game, you
agree that you are forthwith bound to the rules and limitations stated above for the
duration of the time you play Kraken Online.
• If you find any part of this policy confusing, feel free to contact us in discord, and we
will try to clear up the issue.
• If you find any part of this policy unacceptable to you, you are free to uninstall our
client from your computer.
Kraken Online Team treats every user with respect. We try to make your game
comfortable and interesting as possible.
By observing the rules of the game and the culture of communication, you help us
become better and provide you with the best service.
The Kraken Online team wishes you a pleasant game!