New update!

Dear players! At the moment, we are faced with the fact that the activity on the server is lower than it was before. This is due to various factors and affects the rest of the players.  cool

How we propose to solve this situation:  


• The new client with various new features and improvements is almost ready! Within three weeks, we will release an update that will allow you to evaluate the new functionality and gaming capabilities.

• We will make the server concept easier than before, to make basic things more accessible for new players and for those who have not played for a long time (gold, gems and equipment)  

enlightenedWe would also like to ask every active player who is currently playing or would like to play on our project. We would be glad if our players could organize:

• 2-sided PK with command in dungeons and fair distribution of loot. • Help for beginners

• Invite your friends and old players

• Non-toxic atmosphere We advertise our project every day, but unfortunately, without your loyalty and adequate play, this will not be of much use. We will be very grateful if you can help us with this!  

yes Small update:

1) Increased Drop Rates (x5) until 18 July  

2) From each monster above level 35, you can get the Kraken Coin (1%) directly into your inventory until 18 July. This item is not affected by various amplifiers and poss!  

3) Increased the BD gem cap to lvl 5!  

• Now the Black Dragon appears in his lair every day at 20:00, on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00

• Now with the World Boss you also get a random BD gem

4) Increased the chance of Hardin respawn in Snow War - 15%

5) Increased the drop of stones for the quest to Aurora and Darkness

6) Bounty Hunter Card E, Bounty Hunter Card D have been added to the Ancient Shark boss - this will make it easier to get 85 unsil weapons!

Technical work will begin at 19:45 09/07/2021 and last 15-30 min!  

Kraken Online Team heart