Dear players!

I know you've been waiting for this for a long time! Finally, we can merge our servers!
We are pleased to inform you that our team is ready to merge our Mystery Island and Pirate Island.
The new united mainland will be called - Treasure Island! ðŸï¸

What have we prepared for you?

1️⃣ The maximum level - 100!
New challenge! Are you ready?
Special Event - Lvl Up Marathon âœ¨
• First of all for your class get lv 100 and send proof in # ðŸ“·screenshots in our discord!
• Only 6 prizes and winners
• Prize: Any apparel to choose from Item Mall (set or weapon)
• You can monitor your results in the rating table!

2️⃣ New Dungeons! âš”️
New dungeons Aurora and Darkness will be available on Winter Islands! ðŸ”¥
These are special locations where you can fight new bosses, get new gems (Azrael Gems + 8 stats) and new unique equipment - 95 unseals!



3️⃣ Game changes: ðŸŽ®
    1) Abyss Beast Kuroo - weakened by 50%
    2) Weakened Abyss Lord - Hardin
       • Reduced move speed, HP, attack, def, PR.
       • Now you can use the Loveline skill from Shaitan City to return to Hardin's Lair

    3) Chests with New Gems (Bings/Locks/Sharks and etc) have been added to Abaddon Bosses 9-17 levels

    4) Gems:
      • Now unique gems (+5) can be forged to level 6!
       Be careful and check out the forging and combining guides before you start!
      • New gems (+8) - Azreal Gems - can be forged to level 3!
       Only the luckiest players can get it. Obtainable in Aurora and Darkness.

    5) Now 85 unseal weapons are easier to obtain than before!


    6) New 95 unseal equipment

    7) New schedule for dungeons!

     • Additional Chaos Icicle and optmized timing!


4️⃣ Special gifts for all players! ðŸŽ

1) If u are a new player: 

After the merge, you can use a special promo code - WelcomeKrakenOnline

This will allow you to get special items:

 • Newbie Set

e0718.png (32×32)  Newbie Cap (Ami only)                      e0717.png (32×32)Newbie Gloves           e0720.png (32×32)Newbie Armor                  e0719.png (32×32)Newbie Boots


 • 65 Unseal Weapon for your class w0007.pngw0027.pngw0063.pngw0062.pngw0049.png
 • Novice Meditation book.png 

 • Non-tradeable items

Fairy Ration x50 n1351.png (32×32)

Heaven Berry x2 n1171.png

Party Exp Fruit x2 n1405.png

Sand Bag lvl 3 x5 n1698.png

Exp Bomb x2 n1865.png (32×32)

 •  n1664.png Mordo Junior

 •  Great Fruit for you class x5 n1484.pngn1485.pngn1486.pngn1487.pngn1488.png

 •  n1490.png Novice Fairy Possession


2) If u are a old player and already have your character and some equip

U can ask GM Kraken or Captain Barbarossa in discord for your returning gift:

• n0079.png Catch-up Elixir:

This elixir will allow you to reach level 90 immediately after use!
Conditions: Level 60 and second class promotion

• Special returning bonus - 500 crystals

3) Event for guilds that come to our server. 

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. Interesting? Details in PM GM Kraken or Captain Barbarossa!


5️⃣ Important Information:

All accounts from the Pirate Island server will be transferred to the Mystery Island Server

Attention for Pirate Island Server players!
If your account name coincides with the account name on Mystery Island, then the system will change it by adding the number "1"

Example number 1:
My account on the Mystery Island = Kraken
My account on the Pirate Island = Kraken

After the merge, I will have 2 accounts: Kraken (the account name from Mystery Island will not change) and Kraken1 (the account will be transferred from Pirate Island) and the number "1" will be added to it

Example number 2:
My account on the Mystery Island = Kraken11
My account on the Pirate Island = Kraken11

After the merge, I will have 2 accounts: Kraken11 (the account name from Mystery Island will not change) and Kraken111 (the account will be transferred from Pirate Island) and the number "1" will be added to it

Exactly the same system with character nicknames
Character on the server Mystery Island = Kodaz
Character on the Pirate Island server = Kodaz

After the merge, the system will change the character's nickname from Pirate Island to Kodaz1.

Kraken Online Team wishes you a pleasant game and hot battles!