Christmas Adventures

Ho ho ho! Christmas is coming! New update "Christmas Adventures" wink

Scheduled technical work will begin at 22:00 24/12/2021 and last 30-45 min!

1) Increased EXP rates :blobmuscles:

Only this weekend (24/12/21 to 27/12/21)

• Solo EXP (x4)

• Party EXP (x6)

2) Chaos Argent 

Opening time: everyday 04:00 and 20:00

Server Time Guide 3️⃣

3) Christmas Village

This is a special location that will only be active from December 24rd to January 3th! Portal to the location in Argent City 2232, 2778.

Guide 4️⃣

4) Christmas Dungeon (Snow Battle)

Opening time: 11:00 and 19:00 Server Time in Christmas Village


5) New items in Item Mall

• Rings

• Necks

• Unique Corals

• Language Barrier

• Aero Wing Upgrade (make your wings fly)

6) Updated promocode WelcomeKrakenOnline gifts for new players

• Lv 35 Unseal for your class (Untradeable)

• x2 Party EXP fruit

• x2 Heaven's Berry

• x2 Charmed Berry

Fixes for some bugs and client issues, thanks for your crash reports and 🔧bug-reports

Best wishes, Kraken Online Team