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Captain Barbarossa

Gear Score

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Gear Score

A special system with which you can compare the level of forge and equipment of your character with other players.
You can get points for gems, equipment and its effectiveness

You can see your Gear Score in the "Character" section by pressing "Alt+A" in game

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-05-08 02.08.12.png

Special Gear Score Rating among characters added to the General Ranking section
You can push on the special "`" tilda button to open it or just click on General Ranking button to check it
Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-05-08 02.06.59.png

How does it count?

1. Eqiuipment

Item level = number of points (example - each item 65lvl will give 65 points)
Gloves, Boots, Torso, Rings, Necklace, Hat and Weapons (only one sword for crusader and champion gives points)
Cloak - each level gives 5 points
Mount - each level gives 10 points
Fairy - each level gives 1 point

2. Gems
n1185.png Normal gems - 1 point
co004.pngBroken Gems - 2 points
co002.pngCracked gems - 3 points
co007.pngChipped Gem - 4 points
n1182.pngUnique Gems - 5 points
n1532.pngGreat Gems - 6 points
n1185.pngAzrael Gems - 8 points
n1183.pngJade Gems - 3 points
n0195.pngChiatans Aura - 5 points
n1266.pngAdvanced Gems - 3 points
rockstr.pngRock Gems - 2 points
n1285.pngBlack Dragon Gems - 7 points

3. Effectiveness (works for each item)
1% = 1 point

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