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Captain Barbarossa

Life Skills

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Life Skills

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-04-11 23.35.22.png

General Information:

- when creating a character, you have access to all lifeskills
- you no longer need lifeskill points
- max lv skills 8 (analyze 7)

- no matter what the level of the blueprint - you can manu, cook, analyze
- if your skill level does not match the level of fish, wood, ore - you can't chope, mine, fishing it
- each skill level increases the chance of success by 5%
- production of materials occurs instantly
- analuze, each skill level = number of items given out (if the skill level is 5, then the system will give you 5 items, if 7 then 7)


Lv up woodcutting, mining, fishing, salvage, land fishing carried out through the extraction of resources

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-04-11 23.46.58.png


Lv up crafting, cooking, production, analysis through the use of blueprints

Новая вкладка - Google Chrome 2023-04-12 00.04.42.png

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