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Captain Barbarossa

Daily Rewards

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Our team has developed a system of daily rewards for players

Kraken Online 2023-03-09 15.06.18.png


below are illustrative pictures, these are not real rewards that will be in the game


General Information:

- player can clime the reward once every 24 hours
Kraken Online 2023-03-09 15.06.51.png


- after the player has clime the reward, he will see a system message 
Kraken Online 2023-03-09 15.17.02.png

as well as a checkmark on the reward taken

Kraken Online 2023-03-09 15.17.14.png


- if the player wants to clime the reward again, the system will write to him how much time is left

Kraken Online 2023-03-09 15.07.30.png


Important information:

if the player does not clime the reward within 24 hours, the reward line will be updated

- after the player has climed all 7 rewards, the reward line will be updated

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