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Captain Barbarossa

Unique Crown

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Unique Crown

We have 5 crowns with stats on the server

e1043.png Crown of Decedent - +1 stats, 10 def

n2165.png Honorary Crown of Kings - +2 stats, 15 def

e1318.png Arthurs Faith - +3 stats, 20 def

e1281.png Warrior Crown - +4 stats, 40 def

n2166.pngPirate Lord's Crown - +5 stats, 50 def


You can buy Unique Crown Catalyst (price 1 billion) in Npc Sadako 2209, 2745 Argent City

Kraken Online 2022-07-27 19.12.49.pngKraken Online 2022-07-27 19.18.01.png


You can upgrade your crown to next level with NPC Furnace of Immortality Spring Town

Kraken Online 2022-07-27 19.19.28.pngKraken Online 2022-07-27 19.20.53.png

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