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Captain Barbarossa

60 Rings And Necklaces Upgrade

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Basic information before upgrade

  1. Forge in rings/necklaces does not disappear
  2. Upgrade price 6m
  3. Effectiveness will disappear

You can exchange  Kraken Online 2023-03-07 14.08.57.png65 Ring Catalyst to 10 Kal Runestones from NPC Exchanger 2207, 2801 in Argent City


Kraken Online 2023-03-07 14.13.42.png

Upgrade your 60 rings/necklaces with NPC Furnace of Immortality at Spring Town 3258, 2500


Kraken Online 2023-03-07 14.06.52.png

Rings Upgrade

Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.26.52.png---------------------------->Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.27.04.png

Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.31.26.png---------------------------->Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.31.39.png

Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.33.19.png---------------------------->Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.33.30.png

Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.34.41.png---------------------------->Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.34.52.png

Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.36.07.png---------------------------->Kraken Online 2022-06-25 03.36.20.png


Necklaces Upgrade

1. l0004.png Soul Generator and l0004.png Blessed Davao Can be upgrade in l0004.png Ancient Light [Bonus: +3 str +3 con] ,  l0004.png Ancient Illusion [Bonus: +3 str +3 agi] , 
l0004.png Ancient Soul [Bonus: +3 agi +3 con],   l0004.png Ancient Wind [Bonus: +3 agi +3 acc],   l0004.png Ancient Guard [Bonus: +3 con +3 acc]    
l0004.png Ancient Naiad [Bonus: +3 con +3 spr] 

2.   To get the desired necklace, you need to use a catalyst (same name as the necklace

You can exchange  65 Neclace Catalyst to 10 Kal Runestones from NPC Exchanger 2207, 2801 in Argent City

Kraken Online 2023-03-07 14.14.44.pngKraken Online 2023-03-07 14.14.53.png

Kraken Online 2023-03-07 14.15.03.png


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