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Captain Barbarossa

Skeletar Isle

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skeletar isle.png


How to get here?
Buy n1357.png Pass to Skeletar Isle from NPC (2214, 2813)

Kraken Online 2022-06-15 22.28.02.png


Skeletar Chest  (respawn 30 min)

DATABASE - Opera 2022-06-15 22.31.42.png

n0195.png Chiatan's Aura - 0.5 %


Skeletar Pirate - Kaka             Skeletar Pirate - Lala             Skeletar Pirate - Tutu

DATABASE - Opera 2022-06-15 22.35.48.png                   DATABASE - Opera 2022-06-15 22.35.57.png              DATABASE - Opera 2022-06-15 22.35.38.png

n0322.pngRock Gem Chest - 0.05 %



DATABASE - Opera 2022-06-15 22.38.50.png

n0322.pngRock Gem Chest - 5 %


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