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Captain Barbarossa

Global Pk Ranking

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    1. You can find NPC in Icicle City 1356, 512

    2. Resetting / Rewards?
    - On last day of week the ranking will be automatically resetted
    - Player can pick his reward after ranking resetted
    - Сounting ends every Sunday at 23:59

    3. Ranking?
    - There's ranking for : CA, SW
    - Other ranking for: FC, DS, DW
    - Rewards for each ranking is different

     4. Reward for both ranking (top5)

n1755.png Super Potion Chest if u open chest u can get :

x10 q0033.png Blessed Potion
x10 n1406.png Weightless Potion
x10 n1683.png Spring Roll
x10 n1682.png Prawn Dumpling
x20 n1387.png Constitution Recovery Flask
x20 n1388.png SP Holy Water


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