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Captain Barbarossa

Fortune Island Concept

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Part 1. Description

Our main goal is to create a stable, interesting, nostalgic and positive servers for our players.
Therefore, we offer you the following concept:





Part 2. Gems



Part 3. Dungeons



1. There will be no "mini" dungeons on the server.

Now Forsaken City , Dark Swamp , Demonic World - high lvl dungeons for all players, portal open in Shaitan Fountain 875, 3580)
these dungeons open in turn, every 3 hours, and not all together as it was before!

2. Chaos Argent (Once a day) - we will choose the opening time by voting in our discord

3. Snow War (Once a day) - we will choose the opening time by voting in our discord

4. World Boss

5. Black Dragon (1 week after opening)

6. Abaddon (2 week after opening)

More than 10 PK dungeons, farming or leveling dungeons in future updates!



Part 4. Equipment



Part 5. Fairy

  • n1472.png Mordo in  n1216.png Fairy Box
  • n1346.png+1 Fruit -  U can buy from Fairy NPC for gold
  • n1484.png+2 Fruit -  U can exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin or buy in Item Mall
  • n1483.pngFruit of Growth - U can get from Gift Giver or Mall
  • book.pngFairy Skill Books - Novice from Fairy NPC for gold, Standard exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin or buy in Item Mall
  • n1351.png Fairy Ration - Exchange for z9999.png (32×32) Кraken Сoin or buy in Fairy NPC (price - 20k)
  • n1723.png Auto Ration in Item Mall


Part 6. NPC

  • Job Advancer - Augur (Argent City 2216, 2792)
  • n1171.pngn1172.png Necessary items are available for gold from NPC Grocery - Charlie (Argent City 2230, 2793)
  • In-game system to obtain the necessary things z9999.png (32×32) (Kraken Coin)
  • n0307.png All tickets from NPC Tickets - Mina (Argent City 2233, 2791)
  • In-game Award Center - Reputation Exchanger NPC At Argent City (2253, 2789)
  • Exchanger NPC Rings and Necklace

a0f252c0b7860eac15605100310cef53.pngKraken Online 2022-04-27 14.44.59.png


Part 7. How to farm gold?


And many other ways!


Part 8. Quests and Game Systems

Daily and weekly quests and Gifts



Bounty Hunter Association

Take the path of the boss killer and get prizes!



Global PK Ranking

Kraken Online 2022-04-26 16.57.12.png


Kraken Quest Scroll

System of random quests and cool prizes!

Kraken Online 2022-04-26 17.00.47.png


Kraken Online 2022-04-26 17.18.13.pngKraken Blueprint

Kraken Online 2022-04-26 17.15.51.png



Part 9. Game Possibilities: 


  • Dungeon Timer



Project Features:

  • Stable server and account protection (3 years stable work)
  • The best servers concept for enjoying the game, positive emotions and memories
  • Fresh launcher with tweaks and new game client with many functions!
  • Active user support and Game Volunteers 
  • Weekly additional rates for EXP/DROP and Resources
  • Weekly and Holiday events (Quizzes, Competitions, Contests)
  • PK Tournaments
  • Adaptation system and gifts for new players
  • Directx 9

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