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Captain Barbarossa

[SW] Snow War

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Snow War


What is it?

Snow War - this is special. pvp-location, designed for players of almost any level.

This lock is 61+ lvl (snow).


What for?
Gear (65 uns, chaos chest)
Goddess Patronage Books
Different types of gems (including unique ones)
Prize receipts
Morph Runes


How to get there?

TP in lokation is located in Shaitan City along the coordinates 797, 3644.



Lokation open 17:00 p.m. 02:00 p.m. for levels 61+.

The portal is open for the first 30 minutes, while the map itself is available for 55 minutes.

To enter you only need the n1175.pngMedal of Valor.



The mechanics of the map are quite similar to the work of Chaos Argent, but players can combine into teams and chat functions (you can also see the gear of other players, Fairy, guild), while players of the same guild can attack other players of the guild if they are not in one team.
The map has the same skill features as in Chaos Argent.
Depending on the level of difficulty of the cmap (61+), the power of monsters is different.
Chaos points are also counted on the map:

Killing other players

For the murder of other players your character will be credited number of Chaos points, depending on the difference in lvl between the character.
If the lvl of your target was <= 15 of yours, then you will not get anything.
If the lvl of your target was> = 14 of yours, then you will get 2 Chaos Points.
If the lvl of your target was not more, but not less than yours, by lvl 15, then you will get 1 Chaos Point.

In the event of the death of your character

If your Persian dies, you will lose number of honor points, depending on the difference in lvl between the character
If the lvl of your target was <= 15 of yours, then you will not lose anything.
If the lvl of your target was> = 14 of yours, then you will lose 2 Honor points.
If the lvl of your target was no more, but no less than yours, than lvl 15, then you will lose 1 Honor point


The murder of other players is also reported here in the system chat room.
Those players who remain in this lock will receive number of money:

issue of money = rounding to the nearest whole number (1m / number of players remaining in this lock)



The map here is exactly the same as the Cristmas Village

After the start of the Snow War, every 5 minutes on the map, except for the center, monsters randomly appear.

The appearance of mobs and waves will depend on the locks.

1. In the first wave there will be chests

2. In the second and third wave - simple monsters and chest


In the fourth and fifth wave - medium monsters


In the sixth - strong monsters


In the seventh - strong monster

The number of chest depends on the wave:
In the first wave of 15 chest (5 novice, 5 standars and 5 expert)
In the second and third wave of 20 chest (12 novice , 4 standart  and 4 expert )


The advent of bosses

The appearance of bosses in this lock depends on the number of players (this will also, of course, be reported in the system chat every 5 minutes).

They appear constantly on the 8th wave.

If the number of players at this time is less than or equal to 10, a unique boss appears in the center of the location.

It is worth noting that the lvl of the boss will depend on location - 75 lvl (snow).

Each of the bosses also uses skills - Santa has the same Death Knights, Deer have the same ones as the freezing Wandering Soul, and Chicken has stun Snowman Warlord, freezing Wandering Soul , reducing attack and powerful area damage.


With a high probability (70 percent chance), it will be the Deer of the Apocalypse 75 lvl, from which you can knock out:


Refining Gem Voucher - 100%
Goddess's Favor - 10%
Random Key Chest - 10%
Dragon Treasure Chest - 10%
Rear Fairy Box - 10%
[Mount] Young Elk - 5%


With an average probability (chance of 25 percent), Doomsday Chicken 75 lvl will appear, from which you can knock out:


Refining Gem Voucher - 100%
New Gem Chest - 10%
Random Key Chest - 10%
Rear Fairy Box - 30%
[Mount] Doomsday Chicken - 5%
Grand Prize - 5%
Arthurs Faith - 1%


In very rare cases (5 percent chance), the Lord of the Abyss - Hardin appears and Armageddon sets in.

Abyss Lord - Hardin



If the number of players on the 8th wave is more than 10, then instead of the boss, there will be many strong monsters in the center, and 4 mini-bosses will appear on the map, from which almost the same drops out as from a rare boss, but with a much lower probability:

Risen Santa 75 lvl

n1719.pngFirst Prize Voucher 

n1720.pngSecond Prize Voucher 

n1721.pngThird Prize Voucher 

n1257.pngFirst Prize - 5 persent

n1257.pngSecond Prize - 3 persent

n1257.pngThird Prize - 20 persent

Dragon Treasure Chest - 5 percent.


Players have 5 minutes to find them and kill them.

On wave 9, if the number of players is still more than 10, 4 more mini-bosses appear, if not, a random boss appears in the center, but players will have 5 minutes less to kill him.

If the boss has already been called, a second call will not occur.

On the 10th wave, everything is similar, but if the boss is called up, the players will have only 5 minutes to kill the boss.

If the boss appears, there are no 9th or 10th wave mobs - either the boss (once) or 4 mini-bosses (until the big boss appears).

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These drops looks better than the previous ones!
Thanks for listening to the feedback!

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