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Update "Pirates invasion is coming"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!
Technical work will begin at 17:30 18/10/2019 and last 15-30 minutes!


1. The attack of the Dead Pirates on Argent!


The dead again attacked the Argent! They sailed from the Isle of the Dead and landed on the beach of Argent! They are headed by Captain Fickle and his hungry dog!


Respawn bosses 3 hours

The reward for the head of Boss Captain Fickle and his Hungry Dog will be  z9999.png (32Ã�32) Chest with 5 Kraken Coin 


Destroy the threat and get valuable prizes! As a reward you can get a lot of experience!

Killing these monsters you can get a lot of experience and improve your level!



Also, as a reward you can get a n0322.png (32Ã�32) Chest of Dark Swamp with w0005.png (32Ã�32)e0152.png (32Ã�32) w0011.png (32Ã�32)e0178.png (32Ã�32) 45 seal equip! 

To do this, you will need to collect 100 Undead hearts from the Dead Pirates and exchange them with the NPC Mysterious Merchant at Argent City (2192, 2787)




2. Party EXP rates will be raised constantly (Party EXP x6)

3. Quiz on knowledge of the game! Wins the most experienced and fast!

4. [Event] Double Mall Points Yes! You got it right! Only from October 18 to 21! When replenishing your account, you get 2 times more crystals!

Buy crystals at a discount!

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