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Update "Chaos Argent"

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Dear pirates! Today we have prepared for you a small update!

Technical work will begin at 14:00 29.09.2019 and will take approximately 10-30 minutes


What will be new? 

1) New dungeon "Chaos Argent" 

The current Maze times according to the Server time are:

04:00 AM Server Time
16:00 PM Server Time

The portal for Chaos Argent becomes active for 30 mins every 12 hours, and its located @ Icicle City (1371,532), you must meet the following requirements:

Lvl 40+
Medal of Valor
Pay gold fee of 50 * character level
Not inside a party

NOTE:In Vanilla Top, 30 Reputation points and 20 Honor points used to be a requirement in order to enter CA, here, HOWEVER, a player can enter wit30 reputation and 0 honor points.

Because it opens once every 12 hours and a day has 24 hours, it opens 2 times a day.

All the necessary information you can find in the guide

You can find out the exact opening time on our website in the "Mazes Map Timers" section.

2) In Huge Mud Monster (DS main boss) was added Refining Gem Voucher 

3) At the request of players, the "Hats" section was added to the Item Mall.

4) There will also be fixed minor bugs and flaws.





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