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[BD] Black Dragon Lair

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Black Dragon Lair

General Information:
Black Dragon Lair is a maze system which is home to one of the most powerful and valuable bosses, the fearsome Black Dragon
It consists of three floors, each of which will be talked about more in detail throughout the guide. There are no opening times and Black Dragon Lair can be entered without restrictions.

Black Dragon appears on our server at

Tuesday 20.00 server time

Saturday 08.00 server time

You only have 3 hours to kill him, otherwise he will disappear.

Black Dragon Lair 1:
The first floor of the maze. It can only be accessed from Summer Isle. The portal is located at Deep Blue (3430,3290). Since Summer Isle is absolutely crowded with high level monsters, and the portal is located far from either dock, getting to it often times requires help.


BD Lair 1, as it is colloquially known, contains three types of monsters, and two identical NPC "Statues" which can teleport the player to the next floor. It is a PK zone as well, without a single safe zone.

The Statues:
Guardian Statue can be a very complicated NPC. First off, it is similar to Spring Town NPCs, because in order to interact with it, the player must have the Language Barrier quest finished.
Secondly, there are two possible areas which the Statues can teleport a player to (Refer to Black Dragon Lair 2 map), either the south-most point of Black Dragon Lair 2 or the north-most point of the map.
Finally, the Statues will also demand three items in order to teleport a player, this set of items consists of:

Each of the three different monsters in BD Lair 1 drop either of these items (at a fairly low rate); Mask of Mummy King and Sigil of Anubis are obtained from Abbadon monsters as well though. Certain Chaos Argent Monsters drop the items too.

Huge Cyborg


-A very beefy monster with high dodge, defense and health. It has a lot of AoE damage as well, so it is fairly difficult to kill.
-Item required to use the Statue which it drops: n1269.pngTimeless Machine

Dharma Pharaoh


-A monster with a lot of health and a unique poison effect which does a lot of damage compared to most other poison attacks in the game.
-Item required to use the Statue which it drops: n1294.pngMask of Mummy King


-A monster with high attack and a very powerful AoE stun skill. To make matters more difficult, this ability can be spammed and keep surrounding players perma-stunned if they do not react quickly.
-Item required to use the Statue which it drops: n1293.pngSigil of Anubis

Black Dragon Lair 2:


Upon either choosing to enter the South point or North point of the map, players will stand head-to-head with the mighty Black Dragon.
BD Lair 2 is a very small map and although Black Dragon (or BD) is located in the middle of it, it has a large enough chase range, so that players cannot avoid it in any place of the map.

As for BD itself, it is a very powerful monster, with all stats at a very high level. Alongside that, it has powerful skills which include

  • Massive single target damage
  • High AoE damage
  • Monster summoning Skill
  • Stun
  • Min/Max Attack set to 1 AoE curse

This all makes it the most difficult and most teamwork-oriented boss in the game. The drops, however, more than make up for it. Worth mentioning are

Black Dragon (or BD) Gems are some of the most powerful in the game, which can, besides providing a massive stat boost, be used to unseal a n1399.pngBlack Dragon Altar

Black Dragon Lair 3:


-This is a very small treasure room which requirest n1287.pngDragon Key to enter using one of the Statues in BD Lair 2. In here, players can talk to the Black Dragon Chest NPC and obtain 10,000,000 G and a n1399.pngBlack Dragon Altar

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