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Captain Barbarossa

Game Changes

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Dear players!
Our team has prepared a new global patch for our game.
We hope that these changes will increase your interest in this game and improve the gameplay.

Our main task is to create the most stable client and server, improve team gameplay and create a good base for introducing new updates to keep the audience interested.
For this, we have completely revised the entire structure of our server and client.
What have we managed to achieve?  :classic_laugh:


1. We made a full audit of our client and added many useful features 😎
We paid special attention to the loading speed of the client, the smoothness of the character's movements, the smoothness and speed of the map loading.
The system of inflicting and receiving damage has been completely revised, in visual terms it now looks faster and more accurate than it used to be.


We have compiled a list of useful changes here:


2. Changed Equipment System 

For your convenience, we have separated common items and apparels.
Now you can simply change your "skin" in the Apparels tab, there is no need to do apparel forging and risk transferring equip if you forgot the catalyst.

Some items, like the Chaos Stones or the Boss Stone Equipment, still require a Apparel in the slot in order to give you the effect

cfaf07ceccd768c04030684ca6526d35.png 1809c1c40ede3a2340870399c982ef32.png


  • Now, instead of app, you need to improve items
  • Now the effectiveness of items increases by 1%.
  • Maximum Effectiveness for items 10% 


Old Upgrade System
Lv10 - Effectiveness 100%
Lv11 - Effectiveness 102%
Lv12 - Effectiveness 104%
Lv13 - Effectiveness 106%
Lv14 - Effectiveness 108%
Lv15 - Effectiveness 110%

New Upgrade System
Lv1 1% effectiveness (100% success) - 20k gold
Lv2 2% effectiveness (90% success) - 80k gold = Effectiveness 102%
Lv3 3% effectiveness (80% success) - 180k gold 
Lv4 4% effectiveness (70% success) - 320k gold = Effectiveness 104%
Lv5 5% effectiveness (60% success) - 500k gold
Lv6 6% effectiveness (50% success) - 720k gold = Effectiveness 106%
Lv7 7% effectiveness (50% success) - 900k gold
Lv8 8% effectiveness (50% success) - 1,28m gold = Effectiveness 108%
Lv9 9% effectiveness (50% success) - 1,62m gold
Lv10 10% effectiveness (50% success) - 2m gold = Effectiveness 110%



3. New Guild System


4. Rear Fairy


5. New Party Dangeon


6. New Amplifier System


  • Effect display and duration
  • If you are disconnected from the game or you relog, the effects keep the duration


7. New Fly Wings System

  • Spesial item for upgrade wings
  • Using this item will make your wings fly


8. New Apparel

  • Fairy Apparel

  • Shield apparel



9. Lotter pet ( In developing )

  • Search for drops and move pet to it's coordinates so can collect them and give to master
  • Custom talks for lotter pets
  • Drop-rate bonuses when lotter pet is active/equipped

10. Added Many New Mounts

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