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Captain Barbarossa

Big Update "Easter Adventures"

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Dear pirates! We have prepared for you the next update!

    Technical work will begin at 20:00 02 / 04 /2021 and last 30 - 45  minutes!

Have a great Easter weekend!

Whats new?

[Event] Easter Adventures!

From April 2 to April 9  you can get:


 If you kill any monsters in the game above level 35+, there will be a small chance to get the image.png Easter Egg directly in inventory.


If you eat this egg, you can get:

n1695.png (32×32)x5 Flash bomb
n2225.png x10 Roasted Suckling Pig
n0277.png (32×32) x10 Cake
n0305.png (32×32) x10 Magical Potion
n0304.png (32×32)x10 Agrypnotic
n1388.pngx5 SP Holy Water
n1387.pngx3 Constitution Recovery Flask
n1356.png (32×32) Pass to Sacred Snow Mountain
n1357.png (32×32) Pass to Skeletar Isle
n1357.png (32×32) Pass to Naval Base
n1357.png (32×32) Ticket to Spring
n1357.png (32×32) Pass to Summer
n0307.pngPass to Autumn
q0027.png (32×32)x5 Consitution Recovery Vial
n1405.png (32×32) Party EXP Fruit
n1171.png (32×32) Heaven's Berry
n1172.png (32×32) Charmed Berry
n1397.png (32×32) Hi-Amplifier of Strive
n1232.png (32×32) Lantern
n0322.png (32×32) Normal Gem Chest
n1176.png (32×32) Refining Gem Voucher
n1483.png (32×32)Fruit of Growth
image.png 10 Crystals 
n1480.png (32×32) x10 10k Dollar Note
n1228.pngSuper Candy Stick


You can collect x99 image.png Easter Eggs and exchange them for for image.png Big Easter Egg with the NPC Jarvis at Argent City (2192, 2787)


Also u have 10% chance to get  image.png Big Easter Egg from main bosses in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, Wang, Caracas Blood Serpent, Snow War, Barbarossa and Deathsoul Commander!


If you eat this egg, you can get:

n0195.png Chiatan's Aura
n0322.png Jade Gem Chest
cryst100.png 100 Crystals
n0322.png Kraken Coin Chest
n0322.png Kraken Coin x10
n1404.png Angelic Dice
n0320.png Chaos Chest
n2125.png The Universe Purse
n0163.png Kal Runestone
n0322.png x3 Potion Chest
n1257.png x3 Cook and Potion Chest
n2122.png Black Dragon Key
n1480.png x30 100k Dollar Note
n2119.png Valentine's Day Ring
n1983.png Cloak Upgrade Device
n0347.png Improved Fruit Voucher
n1698.pngx10 Sand Bag Lv5
n0307.png x5 Pass to Abandon 4
n0347.png Ancient Necklace Voucher
n2108.png x99 Great Fairy Ration

463 (1).png[Lv1 Mount] Bird Nest :classic_biggrin:



Added the following items only for the Pirate Island

n0322.png Carcass of Death

n0347.png Unique Coral Voucher

n0347.png Lv 65 Ring Ticket

n2166.png Arthurs Faith

n0347.png Lv 75 Ring Ticket

n0322.png New Gem Chest

n2126.png Dragon Treasure Chest


 270eaa16768c.png Legendary Chests will appear in the Item Mall!
Promotional conditions:

Available quantity - 500 pcs, after which the chest will disappear from Item Mall



[Special Event] Headhunting

• Kill the boss first, post it in #?screenshots in our discord and get your reward from @Captain Barbarossa ! 
• The first one to post a screenshot will receive a reward!
• Relevant for both servers Mystery Island and Pirate Island!
[Chaos Icicle] Red Dragon - 100 Crystals 
Abyss Beast - Kuroo - 200 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Phantom Baron - 300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Demon Flame -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Evil Beast -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Tyran -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Phoenix -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Despair -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Drakan -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Tidal -  300 Crystals
Abyss Lord - Hardin -  1000 Crystals
Abyss Supreme - Kara - 5000 Crystals
Defeat them all won't be easy, so invite your friends, old and new players and we will help you with start eqiup ?


Event for guilds that come to our server.  

If you want to come to play on our server with your guild (5+ live people), then the server administration is ready to help you with this and give out the initial things for starting and developing your guild. For details PM @Kraken @Captain Barbarossa   


The Kraken Online Team wishes to you a pleasant game and Happy Easter!



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