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Captain Barbarossa

Starter Pack for new players

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Dear players!  Starter Pack have been added to promo-code system!

To get this, you must be a new player and enter the promo code on our website in your personal account

Promocode "WelcomeKrakenOnline"

To open the chest you must have a 2nd class!



Using this chest you can get:

Newbie Set

e0718.png (32×32)  Newbie Cap (Ami only)                      e0717.png (32×32)Newbie Gloves           e0720.png (32×32)Newbie Armor                  e0719.png (32×32)Newbie Boots


2. 65 Unseal Weapon for your class w0007.pngw0027.pngw0063.pngw0062.pngw0049.png
3. Novice Meditation book.png 

4. Non-tradeable items

Fairy Ration x50 n1351.png (32×32)

Heaven Berry x2 n1171.png

Party Exp Fruit x2 n1405.png

Sand Bag lvl 3 x5 n1698.png

Exp Bomb x2 n1865.png (32×32)

5. n1664.png Mordo Junior

6. Great Fruit for you class x5 n1484.pngn1485.pngn1486.pngn1487.pngn1488.png

7. n1490.png Novice Fairy Possession

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